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Possible Lymphoma?

Ive been reading threads on this site for a couple of months now... but since I havent gotten anywhere with my doctors, I figured Id just make a profile in hopes of finding someone who may be able to relate.  I am a 24 year old female, suffering from extreme unexplained weight loss, major fatigue ( chalked it up to being a mom of an almost 2 year old son), loss of appetite, nodules on my thyroid and in my lungs, and multiple swollen lymph nodes in my neck. The oldest and biggest lymph node is on my right side under my jaw bone measuring just over 2 cm.. Newest one popped up about a month ago and is now 1 cm in size. I started seeing an oncologist (referred to by hospital after ER visit) who basically went from wanting to watch and measure for 3 months and run PLENTY of test.. blood work always came back normal, aside from my bilirubin levels.. CT scans showed the nodules and lymph nodes.. But no infections, no recent sickness. He was on board at this point with doing an open biopsy, as he thought FNA biopsy's never show much.. But at the next appointment suggested I changed my diet. My normal weight had always been in the 135 area. I am 5'6 and went from 165lbs when I had my son, down to 108lbs.... without ever trying to lose ANY weight. I was totally pissed with the doctor blowing me off like I was crazy and began seeing an ENT doctor. First visit he told me to come back in one month and that we would do the FNA biopsy. My family and I had gone on a nice vacation, prior to the biopsy, just in case... Fast forward a month, got the biopsy done, results a week later - negative!! I was so happy and relieved. Shortly after getting the news, he informed me that it isnt 100% and that that type of biopsy cant detect HL, amongst other possibilities. We scheduled to do an open biopsy and just a couple days after I found out that I am pregnant again.. Talk about timing!!!!! NOW I will have to wait 10 months to get what could be very bad news, so I will be anxious and thinking nonstop throughout this pregnancy. I will have to trust that everything happens for a reason, but I know that wasted time is cancers best friend. If anyone can help me, whether it be advice or kind thoughts, its all welcomed and greatly appreciate !

Thank you,
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All of your WBC, LY, Neutrophils etc are normal? Have you had a CT scan of your chest or abdomen to look for other enlarged nodes?
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