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blood work

i got my blood work done since I'm 47 to see , Rbc 3.1 wbc 3.1 hemoglobin 116 mcv 106 mch 37 platelets 188 neutrophils 1.89 lymphocytes .84 rdw 17.9 In 1987 my blood was great white 7.2 red 6.2 plat 238 but 109 for mcv do not drink or smoke or party work out all the time in good shape but lack O2 same times work in oil  refinery with benzene and have been exposed many time Thanks
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Sorry I’m having difficulty understanding your post.  From what you posted, you had 2 blood examinations on separate occasions.  The blood count showed slightly low white blood cell count (wbc 3.1) but it was normal in 1987 (white 7.2).
Repeated exposure to benzene is one of the risk factors in the development of leukemia.  
Did you have other examinations done aside from complete blood count?  Perhaps you should have a peripheral blood smear done also to see the cell morphology.  Also, it would be best to consult your doctor for further evaluation.

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