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lymphoma questions??

hi all. i wrote here a few weeks ago and unfortunatly got no response. but i have a few quick questions that will hopefully get answered.

first off do cancerous lymph nodes in the armpit shrink? or do they continue to enlarge. also what does it mean if the lump seems to fluctuate in size. i find that the lump even though PAINLESS, has shrunk alot since i first found it almost 2months ago, but me being paranoid i touch it alot and it get bigger again and then real small. but never bigger than 1cm (1/2 inch). what does this mean? this lump is also somewhat moveable. it can be moved back and forth.

also since finding the original lump in my right armpit which seems to continue to shrink, i constantly kept checking my left armpit. this past weekend i found another lump which only seemed to grow and get painful and actually come to the surface since finding it. it has shrunk alittle since finding it 5 days ago. and this lump is PAINFUL. i used to always get these in the past. idk if me touching it all the time has made it stick around longer than usual. so but same with the other lump it seems to be shrinking, not getting any bigger than it was when originally found.

any info would help alot. thankss.
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first off do cancerous lymph nodes in the armpit shrink? - NO, they would continue to grow.

The node is probably growing due to the constant touching. leave it alone for 3 weeks and then check on it. Do this for a few months. If there is no change (Getting bigger) then it is most likely normal.

Leave them alone! Check on them in 3 weeks and go from there. Cancer nodes grow in weeks or months in most cases. armpit nodes under 1 cm are considered normal.
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thnks for responding.
i had kind of figured that in the original lump i had found, but you know, then your mind starts going crazy thinking all kinds of things. my main concern now is the other one i found which was the size of a grape and I THINK is getting smaller. not sure though. it hurt alot for a few days, but it seems the pain is kind of going away but not as fast as the lump. what do you think that means if the lump hurt at first and then started fading away, but the lump remained??
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I can relate to what you are saying.  I suffer from lymphadentitis, which is constant inflammation of the lymph nodes.  When lymph nodes grow...they sometimes push on nerves that cause pain.  Also, they can also cause pain just from the inflammation that they cause.  Like Jo stated.  Cancer usually continues to grow and not go up and down.  Lymph nodes are part of your lymphatic system. Their job is to take the toxins from your body and get rid of them.  It is not uncommon to have lymph nodes in your armpit that swell and eventually go away.

Jo had a good idea.  Leave them alone for three weeks and see what happens.  Please keep us posted on your progress.   Hope this helps.  :)
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To your question, Most likely infection. see your doctor for treatment to get rid of your infection.
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