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question about armpit lump

Hello everyone. I have a few questions about a lump in my left armpit. I noticed it a week ago and at first it was very long actually. It was the length of my index and middle fingers next to each other in width if that makes sense. It was also very painful. Now it has shrunk in size and has gotten more round. Its less than an inch in size when at first it was larger than an inch. So my question is since I have read that cancerous lumps dont shrink they continue to grow and they also hurt, is there any chance that since this lump has shrunk and has started to slowly lose the pain feeling too, it could still be cancer? Or is the fact that it has shrunk automatically rule out cancer?? This lump also feel very squishy but still kind of hard but not rock hard. There is still some pain when i squeeze it. What does that mean? Thanks for answering and reading
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Hi Krazyboy and welcome to the forum.  Yes, you are right.  Typically...cancerous lumps don't go down in size.  Lymph nodes can swell and get clogged and harden when you are fighting and infection or virus.  But there have been rare cases when a cancerous node has shrunk and then gotten bigger again.  It wouldn't hurt to see your doctor at any case to have him/her rule out infection or virus.

Hope this helps.  Please keep us posted.  :)
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Hello and thank u for responding. I think I know that this lump is due to infection. Because I used to always get them when using old spice "swagger" and then I stopped using it and the lumps stopped and went away. Long story about why I went back to using it but a day or 2 after starting again this lump appeared. So I'm pretty sure its from that. I just would like to know how rare is it that a lump would reduce in size but still become cancerous. Because if its really rare ill just assume its and infection and leave it alone. I have no symptoms of lymphoma. Thank God. I would see a doctor but I have been there a lot for minor things and insurance covers only so much and mine doesn't start again for a few months. So if its really rare ill leave it alone.
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or it's an allergy

while inflammation does somewhat predispose to cancer, the actual odds of your case turning to cancer are probably less than the odds of getting hit by a truck on the way to the doctor :)

I personally wouldn't worry about it at all.
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I'm sorry, but what do u mean by predispose lol? Does it mean in other words that inflamation is a sign of it being cancer but in my case its real rare? Sorry to be a pain
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Predispose means to be susceptible to something.  Like having a certain cancer that runs in your family.  Or having issues in your past that would indicate that it's likely to happen again.  I hope this helps.

You are not being a pain.  This is what the forum is for.  Feel free to comment anytime and keep us posted on how you are doing.  :)
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Ohh ok thank you. Hmm I'm a little worried now lol since I don't know my family medical history since I'm adopted. But still I assume its because of infection. Does the fact that my lump is round and squishy and somewhat movable mean another danger sign or is that a good sign being squishy (not rock hard), and kinda movable? I feel the paranoia starting to set in...
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Don't let the paranoia set in.  Usually cancerous nodes harden and grow.  They don't go up and down in size.

I hope this helps.  :)
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