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So, my father called me and told me that his dr said that he had a "little" leukemia but he's fine. Is this possible? He told me that people can have a little leukema their whole life and be fine. I have never heard this before and I thinking that he just wants to protect me from the truth.
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Hi; new to this website.  I was diagnosed with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) 5 years ago. I am guessing your dad has this type of leuk and is stage 0.  It is most prevelant in older folks (I'm 57).  I have seen progression in some people much quicker than others.  It depends on a host of factors.  I am a First Connections trained volunteer for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society of upstate NY and Vermont. I am the CAM contact (complimentary and alternative medicine).  Feel free to contact me.
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Hi:  I never heard of a little bit of Leukemia. Did your father say what type he has, that would help me answer some of your questions.
This is new to me.  I do have Leukemia, and I have what they call CML which is short for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia.  There are different types.
I would like to help you to understand, but it seems like your father is trying to spare you all the details.  Leukemia's are very treatable, and not like years ago.
I was diagnosed in 1998, so maybe that will help you a little bit.
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