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Should I be worried about swollen lymph nodes (neck) and a thyroid node?

Hi everyone! I’m 40 years old and about 2 months ago I noticed that I have a swollen lymph node on both right and left side of my upper neck. I think they are anterior cervical lymph nodes. I also have one in my right arm pit. I remember having swollen lymph nodes in the same places (both side of upper neck and right arm pit) when I was about 15 years old. Back then they were enlargened for a long time, at least for a year. I can’t remember if they eventually went away or if they’ve been enlargened for the past 25 years without me noticing it.

I’ve had a lot of gastric problems in the past 10 years and this spring they’ve been worse than ever. My main symptom is excessive supragastrial burping. I have a constant uncomfortable feeling in my throat which I assume is due to the burping. That’s how I found the lymph nodes when I was examining my neck because of that uncomfortable feeling.

I saw an ENT who felt the lymph nodes and examined my throat with a tube through the nostril. She wasn’t concerned but ordered an ultrasound of the neck. The US showed a 19mm x 8mm lymph node on the right side and two 14mm (longest axis) lymph nodes on the left side. The radioligist said that she didn’t see anything concerning and wrote to the report that the morphology of the lymph nodes is normal. My arm pit was not examined in the US.

The US also showed a node on my thyroid. The report says that the node is ”mixed” and has clearly defined contours and is 16.6mm long axis. However, I also have the US images and even though I have no medical training I can clearly see the node and it’s measurement, and the length of the node is only 8mm. I’m wondering if the 16.6mm written in the report is a typo.

I’ll be leaving the country in two weeks and moving back to my home country. I won’t have time for medical appointments before my move. Does any of my results sound concerning? I’ve been looking at the US images of the lymph nodes and can’t really see a fatty hilum, but I’m not a medical professional and the radiologist said that the lymph node morphology is normal. I’m thinking if I should have a new US once I’m in my home country? I have no other symptoms than the swollen lymph nodes and the gastric problems.
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I hope you found out something helpful once you got back home.
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Thank you for asking! I haven’t had my doctor’s appointment yet but will update when I have some news.
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"Does any of my results sound concerning?"
No, because of the oval shape and normal morphology as seen on the US. I wouldn't spend time worrying about any cancer and ruining your move.

I can't comment on the thyroid nodule.

I would think that the esophageal problem is related to the actual cause of the node enlargement, all of which seems immune related. It can take a long time to get the exact mechanism figured out, so there is no rush. You might have a food sensitivity, as part of the problem. Yes, I'd guess that your teenage experience (mononucleosis?) is related. No, there is no need for another US unless a lot of new nodes pop up, or some new symptoms begin, or any node grows greatly in size.

It is possible that nodes filled in the past with scar tissue (fibrosis) can stay enlarged for many years. Your primary concern should probably be what's occurring in the digestive tract.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your reply. It really eased my mind. I tend to get anxious about health issues and the stress of moving countries doesn’t help the situation! I’ll try to forget my worries from now on.

I’ve seen a doctor for my gastro-intestinal problems and also had a gastroscopy a few years ago. Moving between two countries and pregnancy/breastfeeding interrupted the examination of those problems but I’ve already made an appointment for my gastro-enterologist in my home country.
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