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I want to know what's wrong with me

I have been feeling all of these symptoms for about 4 months now and they have gradually gotten worse. Lightheadedness (constant), brain fog (constant), Dry mouth, no appetite, 20 pounds off since May, occasional night sweats, Chest wall pain (sometimes), tunnel vision (sometimes) dizzy spells (sometimes) heart pvc's and palpitations (sometimes) ,shortness of breath with exercise and going up stairs 1  (each time) and with taking  (sometimes) blurred vision, dimmed vision, fogged vision (sometimes) neck pain (sometimes) shoulder pain (sometimes)  full spinal back pain (sometimes)  rib cage pain (sometimes), pelvic pain (sometimes)  hair loss, heavy periods, tension headaches (sometimes), ringing in the ears (has happened 5 times in the past 2 months), heard pulse inside right ear (once), whooshing sound in right ear (once), constipation (constant), extreme anxiety, feeling nervous and anxious every day. Can not focus well. Not sleeping well, feeling fatigued almost everyday. General malaise (ill feeling),  Normal blood work except slightly elevated protein levels. Urinalysis had a trace of protein in it as well, and trace of blood, moderate ketones, bacteria, and squam cells. (I didn't get a clean catch by using the sanitary wipes. Completely normal MRI of brain, Normal CT scan of partial of my chest, abdomen and pelvis. Normal chest X-ray. 3 normal EKGs. No swollen lymph nodes or any lumps of any sort.  Possible leukemia? even with 3 normal blood counts?
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I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well.  It's frustrating when you have many symptoms and the cause of the symptoms cannot be found.

If your blood counts have been normal - I would not worry about having leukemia. Leukemia is a diagnosis that is based on specific findings in the blood and bone marrow.  If there are no abnormal findings in your blood, then it is not likely that you have leukemia.

I would recommend to follow up with your doctor to help determine what is causing your symptoms.

Good luck.
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I also have not  had any abnormal bruising, bleeding, infections or bleeding (besides extremely heavy periods. Normal thyroid levels. normal blood pressure as well...
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