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Liver Hemangioma and cysts

I started having pains in my side and back about 2 months ago and saw a gastroenterologist, thinking it was a gallbladder or ulcer problem. My liver values are completely normal. The Ultrasound showed 2 cysts and one hemangioma which I knew nothing about. Why would this become painful all of a sudden, and then be persistent? Also, I've been on Vitamin B12, B and Folates for 6 months. Would that disturb my liver? Thank you--
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Are u on high blood pressure meds?
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Yes I am
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Hey, this is ironic. Is the pain in your right side? What did the GI say? Do you have ulcers? I have a cyst also with alot of pain in my right side where the liver is. I was told liver cysts don't cause any symptoms unless they grow big but I am wondering if they were wrong or if it's something worse. What is this that you have; a hemangioma? Hang in there and hope you find the answers to your pain and find relief. I know that is all I am after. Does anyone know if you can still drink beer every now and then with liver cysts?
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Also not wanting to scare you but only help you further. Please as soon as you can get an AFP bloodtest I believe it is called to check for the big liver C and also please check for Hepatitis just to be safe(don't know how big of a issue heroin use or Hep + people are in your area)I've been doing some reading and finding on multiple sites that these are usually all BAD signs. I'm freaking sorry for causing further concern but it may be nothing but something muscular or something else completely harmless. It's just i've been getting these same issues after being diagnosed with a liver cyst. Dr. said they do not cause any pain unless they grow to be big and don't think this can be the case at this end. Please get this stuff checked out asap. The sooner the better and better to be safe then sorry, right? Please hang in there. Also are you feeling fatigued and very weak in your limbs especially your arms by chance? Are you also getting pain in your stomach and sore lymph nodes too? Prayers are being sent your way just in case. :)
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