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SGOT - SGPT - Danger Levels


I have tested for Liver Function Test


SGPT - 107
SGOT - 78

I am a frequent drinker.

I am geting skin reddish iticy rashes for last few weeks
after i consume alcohol.

Kindly advise regarding the condition of lever,
Critical Values for SGOT - SGPT.

Apart from stopping alcohol what
do you prescribe to prevent the
present condition.

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first of all, thanks for all the professionals here for their wonderful response. I am 29 yrs old man, had alcohol problems but been abstaining for past 3 months after i started getting pain in my "liver" (yeah, it feels like liver pain).

i did a CT scan 2 weeks ago and my gastro told me i have "fatty liver". Somewhere in wikipedia i heard that it will take a decade or so of heavy boozing to develop fatty liver, but in my case less than 3 years! today that i did SGPT and SGOT tests, sgpt 103 and sgot 58 (again, ratio of which is less than 0 and normally would have ruled out alcoholic liver disease, but here I KNOW its because of my alcohol!

I was prescribed to take two drugs, one is ursodioxycholic acid, another is metadoxine. at present my doubts are:

what all are the live-friendly diet? i heard that fatty liver disease is totally unrelated to fat foods, so avoiding fatty food will have any impact?

again, i normally have daily edurance workout (10 km walk at 9'/km), would it offend my prognosis?

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im very much willing to give part of my liver to someone there in canada. you can reach me thru email ***@**** or thru mobile +639212759611

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Hello Doctor,

My name is Aditya and am 35 years old. I had a GIST &was operated, The GIST was completely removed & PET CT SCAN mentioned no metabolically alive cells, As precaution I was put on Imatinib for last 4 months. LFT was normal for first 3 months, This month I have raised SGOT & SGPT LEVELS & also HBV Ag is positive ( Was Negative in test done before my Surgery).Should I continue on Imatinib or need to go for a second opinion. What is the course duration & Will this HBV ben cured.
Thanks in Advance
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    I am Sudhakar, 29. I am concerned with my Liver report.
SGOT: 69, SGPT: 77, Total Protein: 8.4, Albumin: 5.2.
These levels are above the normal range.
I used to smoke a lot but reduced these days to 5-6 per day.
Is this the major reason

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My mother is 50 years old.she has HCV+ her SGPT/ALT is 78 is it dangrous or not and what is the highest rate for SGPT/AlT
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Hello Doctor,
Is it advisable to take ursodiol 300 mg to reduce SGPT and SGOT levels?
My dcotore has prescribed me this. I have fatty lever and SGPT level is slightly high (<60). Should I take this medicine?
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