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My father who is now 83 yres old is diagnosed with non small cell cancer with a large 3 inch mass in his upper right side. They state it is somewhere between a stage 2 and 3 due to the size. He is schedules to start radiation treatment in a week. However, they did state he is fit enough to have sugery but there is not guarantee he would not have complications from this. We are struggling to determine what is the better path to take. Will the surgery give him a better chance vs the radiation. Do studies show a better survival rate. Afraid that after surgery he may be worst off.

More input would be helpful.
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There is no direct comparison between surgery and radiation. There is more data to support surgery because it is what is usually advised. Radiation is usually advised for patients who are not fit to undergo an operation. The key words here are selected (selected patients) and individualized (individualized approach). This highlights the fact that there is an advantage, but the intervention is not for everybody.
The decision is not simply, let’s do it, there is an evaluation about how much lung to be removed and whether or not it can be tolerated. Perhaps you could consider having him undergo the evaluation to check whether or not he would have sufficient lung reserve for it, before you make your decision.
Discuss your concerns with the doctor/s. Stay positive.
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I am new here...and my issue is a bit preplexed!  I was in remission from Non small Carcanoma of the Lung (Stage 3A) for 4 yrs. until this past April...I was then diagnoised with NSCC of the other lung, they found a tumor on the Junction of the upper and lower lobe of the left lung.  At the time of the procedure it messured 1.3 cm at the time of being placed on Tarceva the measurment 1.9 cm with in three wks after surgery in April.
Placed on Tarceva the first of May and No incress in growth...Doctors say Stable Remission...Now I have been told that I have a Mass on the back side of my thyroid gland on the left side.  We have tried ultra sound guided needle biopsy...didn't work.
Now the docs say they want to try a Core Biopsy?  their concern for not removing the growth is: the procedure could comprise the Stable Remission of the Lung NSCC as could cause aspriation...WHAT IS ONE TO DO?  I want this mass removed before anything else happens...but not is it compermises the remission I seem to be in?
Please advise
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