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Cant feel left lung

When i breathe in i can "feel" (feels normal) my right lung, but i can't feel my left lung. When i take deep breathes i can feel what can only be described as a feeling something is there, almost an ache but not pain. I have a GP appointment on Friday, what could this be?
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I forgot to add, i have two growths in my nasal passage. (The GP said they are not polyps and cannot be removed) my right nasal passage is clear and my left isnt, could this be affecting my lungs?
Hi, I seem to have the same issue though I have this weird feeling with my right lung. Please let me know what it is
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Normal breathing need be something that is regularly felt on the lungs. If there is some pain in deep breathing, this may mean a problem in the lining of the lung or the muscles comprising the chest wall. The air travels down the throat in a single tube, hence a problem in one of the passages of the nose does not raise problems for the respective side in the chest.
Best to see your doctor and get an examination. Stay positive.  
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