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Could this be cancer?

So, a while back I'd gotten really sick. I had a terrible headache and I'd felt so tired a slept most of the day. Later on,  had a really sharp pain in my throat. It went away. Then later on, maybe a few months later, the he pain came back, I ended up having trouble swallowing and even breathing. I feel so nauseous.  I've lost some weight and I'm starting to realise how I've lost my appetite. My throats now beginning to go back to the same pain and trouble swallowing and breathing. Ive got swollen thyroid glands. I few times that I've coughed I could taste blood, but I'm not sure if hat was the case. Im starting to have heart palpitations and my chest has begun to hurt. And earlier I coughed up blood. A few hours ago there was a pain in my ear and hasn't stopped since, each time I swallow/talk/ even breathe in it hurts even more.  A friend recommended it could be cancer, but I'm not so sure. Any thoughts on what this could possibly be?
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So sorry to hear about how you've been feeling- I wouldn't jump to the cancer conclusion- so many symptoms can come up with 'cancer' if you google search them.  I would get to a doctor and just get checked out- it could be something like anxiety causing your symptoms or many other things.  Get to the doctor and let us know how you are doing!
Thank you so much for the advice, unfortunately I haven't been able to get to a doctor since I'd posted this. The good news is, I will be going to see a doctor soon. A lot of the little symptoms have gone away, but a few keep coming and going
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