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Breathless and bubbling feeling under my ribs

hello can anybody help me out here i absolutely scared to death, Ive had really strange things happening to me, im getting this strange bubbling feeling under my ribs that takes my breath away and causes me to cough, am also having the nerves in my leg's and arms twitching daily, plus swelled lymph nodes above my left collar bone they are really small but im quite worried, plus am gettin a bit breathless lately am a nervous reck. any advice would be much appreciated thanks
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I recommend you follow up with family doctor.  He/she can order cxr and further evaluate the swollen lymph nodes and twitching extremities.  
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thank you for replying to me im very greatful  i have made an appointment with my doctor for next week . Ive seen my doctor over a year ago he did a cbc all was fine but that was march 09 at that time i'd noticed a lump higher up in my neck he said this was normal but i have not been over the nodes i think there my posterior cervical nodes. they have remained the same size for 16 month's now and are about half cm I have no night sweats or weight loss, Ive put a stone on the past few month's, just wondering if you have some answers for me whist im waiting to see my doctor next week? i have twitching nerves in my leg's arms, and chest to, but im so worried could all the twitching be due to stress please any advice would be great thanks
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sorry i forgot to add, im 27years old, i have asthma, and i have pet allergies and dust allergies is it true lymph nodes can enlarge due to allergies ? thank you
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