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Can you have a positive anti-RNP and be healthy?

I have recently got test results back and have a positive ana and a positive anti-rnp result as well as an elevated c-reactive protein. I was just wondering if it is possible for someone to have these results and be healthy. I know you can have a positive ana result and c-reactive protein but I am not so sure about anti-rnp. Can this be positive and mean nothing? I can't find the answer anywhere and I have to wait 7 weeks before I can see a rheumy.
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Are you not having any symptoms?  I wouldn't think a dr. would do these expensive test on someone w/o symptoms.  

What were your numbers on these test?
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I am having symptoms, bad joint pain especially in my hands, wrists and shoulders that causes alot of weakness as well as pain. Also Im always tired and am sleeping about 12-14 every night- except for the nights were my arms are so stiff and painsul that it wakes me up. I was just wondering if it was possible to have these results with these symptoms and it not be connective tissue disorder- possibly lupus as my mother had sle
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Hi Lynn,
anti RNP is essential for a dx of mixed connective tissue disease, a lupus look-alike.  However it is not specific to this disease, since 20 to 30% of lupus patients and a small number of scleroderma or wheumatoid arthritis patients also have the anti-RNP.

Sometimes these test can be a false positive and a second test from another lab might be advised.  

MCTD is a combination of lupus and scleraderma.  MCTD patients must have a positive anti-RNP and ANA.  Their condition resembles lupus, but tend to have puffy hands, complain of heartburn and swallowing problems and have interstitial scarry of the lungs on chest x-ray.  Raynaud's phenomenon is almost always seen in MCTD.
-Scleraderma is characterized by inflammation that heals with tightening of the skin and scarring of the tissues.

If they check your ANA again, be sure and spend time in the sun prior to you lab.  
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Hello! I just asked my doctor that same question a week ago, as I have a positive high ANA and positive high RNP, and he said no health person has a positive RNP, the reason I asked was i found this on one of my many sites, so i went to him and said the same thing as i have so many question about my lab work and not enough answers to what is going on with me, as I have been this way for over 4yrs and i am sick of taken pills, he tells me i am sitting and waiting to fall to the lupus side, but a part of me is holding on, well i just want to know as i have been out of work for 2yrs and i am sick of all the pain, My ana and rnp have been positive high for 4+ yrs and have never once changed.. I wish you luck
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it seems to me that reading everything on RNP is very confusing and contradictory.  I was diagnosed with MCTD having an RNP of 3.  Some say take Aleve for aches and pains and others say it shouldn't be ignored and no healthy person has a high level of RNP.  What am I to believe?  Also, I have an appt. this Wed. with a Rheumatologist.  Hopefully I can get some answers then.
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I have been seeing an RA Dr .for seven months , ran first labs 7 months ago and I was 1:160 ana titer and homogenous ana pattern sed rate 45 ,mchc was a little out of range 34.1,  Rnp 135 ,WBC 10.51, sgpt 11, eGFR little off 58:76 ... And said that it was because I had two pregnancy ..and since my c3 and c4 was in normal range   That  I didn't have lupus , And just diagnosed me with chronic neck , back,hip, knee pain , fybromiagia ,alopecia, hypothyroidism ,malaise ... So he put me on lyrica high mg and I'm really hypersensitive to meds with chronic constipation .he told me to come back in three months and redo labs.. So I became so discouraged and frustrated and started researching myself and became quit concerned .. My pa sent me to an endocrinologist and when he did labs it showed I was chronic anemia and to take 50 gr 3 times a day which I cannot do cause of constipation  my iron sat% 9 ,ferritin 3.8, uibc 375.00, iron 36  , so when I went back for labs again with my RA I told him I did research and that I was concerned of my labs being out of rage and asked him what it could mean and all he said was it wasn't enough to be concerned about and I asked him if he would at least retest me one more time because I stopped some  meds that could cause dil ... So he did and my sed rate was still 40, my RNP was 146 went up 10 points , my RDW 16.4 and my ana titer 1:160 ana pattern went to nucleolar , he said it could mean a MCTD , but he would not diagnose me with it , so he did another lab test CBC and my WBC was high RDW was a little high my eGFR was 58:62 and my sed rate still high and sgpt low a10 , never got an answer .. So I called my insurance to see if I could get an second opinion and they said yes .. She diagnosed me by looking at my records with osteoarthritis , Sjögren's , fybromiagia , and said the RNP didn't mean anything nether did the pattern .. Ugh I'm so confused cause when I research it it says RNP means MCTD  and nucleolar could mean scleroderma , Sjögren's , ect .. Could you please give me some advice or help in knowing what is really going on with me .. She wants me to take anti malaria meds but I might be having to have surgery done on my neck , go see  neurosurgeon  tomorrow . So I will ask him if I should start therapy w/ anti malaria meds yet since infection can happen . I just need an accurate  diagnoses .. I'm exhausted from all this and in a lot of pain , I also have severe insomnia and migraines and the blood vessels in my forehead by my temples are very noticeable and large in size run all the way down my cheek .. I'm weak and depressed ! HELP PLEASE !!!        
I read about it and stress can trigger and worsen all your symptoms so try to find ways to relax and exercise . I just found I'm positive for rnp antibodies as well
Okay first of all I'll be honest and say that you know a lot about these terms that I do not. But I do know I was just diagnosed with mctd because of my extremely high ANA and anti-RNP levels EVEN THOUGH my only symptoms are Raynaud's which is Very Extreme in my hands and feet, but my worst problem is that I have severe joint rheumatoid arthritis pain in my hands wrists and shoulders and sometimes feet. I have had two different flare-ups where every joint in my body swell up and I was so stiff that I could not move and what I can only describe as being the Tin Man. I have absolutely no lupus symptoms whatsoever. So reading this really gives me hope that clearly this is not an exact science and just because one person's levels say one thing does not mean that the next person has the exact same thing even though their levels are the same. Just want you to know I'm praying for you and if you could do the same for me that would be great! Don't give up the fight I am going for my second opinion unfortunately it won't be for another 3 months but I continue to fight on!
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