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Common Ground? Or 'the middle'?

"During the October 2010 Institute of Medicine (IOM) workshop, Pamela Weintraub gave a presentation and told of her own personal experience with Lyme Disease, an experience which has been written about in Cure Unknown and also issued as a written statement for the IOM.

This story - as usual - is gripping and hits me to the core, as it does many Lyme patients. But as much as that was gripping, what was said during the Q & A session afterward was more thought-provoking because I hadn't heard it before:

Lonnie K (IOM mod) asked:
"Question for Pam: What do we need to do to find common ground and move forward?"

And Pam said:

"This very polarized fighting is the most destructive thing out there and #1 reason so many people are so sick out there and we’re still here. So many other journalists have capitalized on the sound bites of either side and the drama. For me that’s a distraction to the story.

When I went out and interviewed many people of high expertise, most scientists working with this on a deep level were very intelligent, thoughtful people who had very nuanced ways of looking at this. And in the nuance I was able to see a path. But when you pull back out and read these articles about the controversy, it becomes shouting that drowns out the actual complexity and nuance... and work we need to do.

I don’t know what can be done. Patients are very angry, I understand, look what happened to me with a classic case in my son and I had to go to doctor to doctor. There was such a political sense of staying away from Lyme or finding other diagnoses first.
I don’t know how to heal this. I think there are people who can work together to heal this, but they’re not the people at the extremes... they’re the people in a center space. I wish everyone could get there together because then perhaps patients could be healed. This can’t be dumbed down, it’s not going to get us anywhere."

Later (by CampOther):

"This entire response that Pamela Weintraub said where the Lyme controversy can only be dealt with by those who are coming from the center space, or middle.

I want to know how to find that center space or middle, too, if that is what is going to get me and others out of this mess.

And for me, I think finding it involves learning as much as I can about the microbiology, research, researchers, and decisions behind the scenes that form policy in treating this disease."
That happens to be just one of my (cave76)  interests also and I'll post them up to the limits of my ability to understand. But it doesn't negate or diminish the importance of communicating with the newcomer here with their specific questions and angsts.

Helping them try to find a 'good' llmd, which is hard to do since ILADS and LLMD have in recent years have become 'token' acronyms. Helping them interpret their tests. Guiding them through the "guidelines" mess.

There are two types of support. Neither negates the other.

[Reposted from campother.blogspot.com under Creative Commons]
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