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Could this be Lyme disease

Hi. I was biten by a tick about 3 days and I've become really ill since this has happened. The tick that bite me did not look like the black tick that supposedly carries the disease but I am not positive that it was not.  I have a stiff neck, trouble thinking, trouble breathing, extremely tired, a quarter sized red bump under my right armpit, and have had diariah also.  I was not for sure if this could be lyme disease because I did have a sexual encounter a month and a half ago that I thought may have gave me syphilis.  I used the condom during vaginal sex but had some unprotected oral sex.  I got tested for that 2 weeks after the occurence and the results came back negative for it and the doctor thought it was just an ingrown hair.  I know some of the symptons are also similiar for syphilis and did not know if I got tested to soon for it.  I appreciate everyone taking time to read this and giving there input.
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Welcome.   It could be lyme disease.  It starts with flu-like symptoms.  Ticks also carry several different diseases including Rocky Mountain spotted fever and others as well .  So since you had a bite and are sick I think a visit to the doctor would be in order.
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