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Kaya Emily

Hi everyone, Kaya Emily 9lbs 9oz! 20 inches long, on April 29th.

Cassandra's and mine are very similar, my membrane was striped on Wed, had nothing but irregular contractions all day and then Thursday got pieces of the mucus plug throughout the day, but then nothing else.  I was already 2cm 75% and had been that way for almost 2 weeks.  I had tried everything!  I finally got the courage to drink Castor Oil (which is gross, but not as bad as some stories say it is).  Within 2 hours of drinking it, I had 3 contractions 10 mins apart then they went to 6 mins apart for 30 mins then down to 4 mins, so we left for the hosptial at 11, we got there at 11:30.  When I got there they said I was at 4cm already, they had a hard time with my IV first nurse poked me twice, then called someone else and she poked me two more times and puffed up my arm which still has a big bruise on it, then they called another nurse and she did it once.  Then I was able to get the epi, which he also had to it twice, I didn't notice, but my husband told me they had to take it out and try again.  4 hours of labor and she was here at 4:07, the intended parents are awestruck and amazed, she was so darling and BIG!
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How amazing! Congrats to you and the intended parents!!! Were you able to get any pictures of the precious girl to post?
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You are amazing!... you have bring joy to a nice family. Congratulations!
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Congratulations... wow a big baby..you have done a wonderful thing for these parents be proud.. hope you are feeling ok.. it seems a lot of may babies haven't made it to may lol
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You get double congratulations!!!
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yes I have pictures, but I don't know how to post them on here. She is soo darling...

Thank you all for the support, and yes I have noticed all us 'May Babies' have had them in April!
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I have been bad in checking the board...congratulations to the parents and GOD BLESS you for your willingness to carry and deliver that precious baby for them.
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