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Mom of 14 kids!

I'm sure you all heard about the single mother, no job,  who already had 6 kids and was artificially inseminated with 8 more which are still in the hospital.  She lives with her parents in a 3 bedroom house, keep in mind 3 adults and 6 toddlers, and eight more babies to come home once they are released from the hospital.  The house is in foreclosure, she is on welfare getting food stamps and she got a 6 figure disability settlement for an injury she received when she was working in a mental ward.  Word has it that she gave that money to the doctor for the artificial insemination.

Here is my question:  Was the doctor who artifically insenimated her irresponsible?  Knowing she already had 6 kids, and a single mother with no job on welfare?

Is it right for the CA taxpayers (she lives in CA) to food the hospital bill which already climbed to 1 million dollars or will be there shortly?

Will it be child abuse to have 3 adults and 14 toddlers/babies in a 3 bedroom house?  Her mother already expressed great concern and anxiety on national TV about this situation.  O'Reilly showed a clip from the Oprah show which will air next week showing that the woman's father thinks his daughter is not mentally stable.

She was seen shopping at Nordstroms spending $14.00 on lip gloss.  Not exactly shopping at Walmart.  Normally I would think that is her business where she shops, and yes it is her business but on welfare and foodstamps and dishing out $14.00 for lip gloss??  

How will she feed all these babies together when they are  all crying because they are hungry?  How will she take 14 kids for a walk?  In shifts?  Being on welfare I can't imagine being able to afford a Nanny to take care of 14 toddlers/babies.

Will child services step in and take the kids from her?  After all 14 babies and 3 adults in a three bedroom house is kind of tight space.

Is it fair to criticize her even though she was selfish wanting more kids on top of the 6 she already has with no job, no husband, and on welfare?

Don't misunderstand my post.  Once she was pregnant I am NOT suggesting she should have aborted all these babies, but the artificial insemination should have never taken place knowing she is single with no job, no husband, and on foodstamps and welfare.  I feel sorry for these babies and the woman's parents.  She is happy as hell saying "she wants many kids, that was always her dream".  Boy did that dream come true for her.

What say you?
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I'll just give a short reply.  While, I can't imagine what would possess a women to do something like this.  I really don't think it's anyone's right to say she can't, including the doctor.  If we start limiting how many kids you can have, what's next??? Disposing of mentally handicap because they have to be in institutions which are paid for by tax payers. (I know that's a bit extreme so please nobody freak out over that last statement)
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I know a family whose children are all grown now...they had married parents and 12 children in a small 3 bedroom house they slept three per twin bed,,,,they where devote Catholics..went to church..kids did well in school,,,,I dont think living in a smalll house necessarily equates child neglect..

Im not sticking up for the mom I believe she give selfishness a new level.

I agree with concerns for the babies and the twin 2 year olds the rest by the way are older not toddlers they are children...so in actuallity she has 10 babies..and 4 children of pre to I believe grade3....

I worry and pray those babies all get held when they get their bottles,,,I hope they get rocked and sang to....I hope they are in clean diapers..no rashes no wet pjs.....clean sheets ,,bathed atleast every other day,,,,I hope the older children dont get lost in the shuffle they are quite young and need reassurance of love and attention regarding school...and lets not forget the autistic boy he needs lots of extra love......so for the sake of the children I hope some good people step up and spend some time helping this dysfunctional family its not for the Mom its for the babies...bless them.
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You're absolutely right.  I too hope that her community will step up and help them.  I have a feeling if it wasn't so publicized she wouldn't be getting soooooo much negative attention. And instead those around her would be reaching out to help.
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I agree that no one should tell her what to do, I just wish she would have had more consideration for her parents. Her mom obviously has a problem with it and she does live in her house.
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As people may have read my comments about this in other places I have a pretty strong opinion about what she did, and it's not a positive one. I too am against aborting the children, but I wish that the fertilization didn't take place in the first place.

If someone was to adopt a child, they can't just adopt any child they wish. They have to go through careful examination to make sure they are fit to be parents.

I don't know what else to say about this other than what I've said already. She has 6 children already. That's quite a huge family in itself. I don't see why she can't be satisfied with those children.

Plus what about her parents?  They seem to be getting the brunt of her decisions. It may have been a different story if they were willing, but they aren't. They seem to be pretty stressed out enough.

Also I heard one of her 6 has autism. I have a mild form of autism and I can say that one screeching toddler is enough to send shooting pain to my ears. If I have to put up with 8 of them, then poof....I'm gone!  I expect her child will have a meltdown if all 8 of them scream at once....

Given those factors, I wish that the child protection services can take away the 8. She can keep the other six and care for them.
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I am disgusted by these actions. If she doesn't have the appropriate living and economic conditions to raise kids, then why does she want more? That is being very irresponsible. I feel pity for those babies already, being raised in such deplorable conditions…ugh. Yes, it is all about choice, but someone should have told her that this decision was never a wise one, at least that's how I see it.

Only a few celebrities (and other disgustingly rich people) have more than 2 kids. This lady cannot pay her rent!!!!!! To me, this is HER being selfish.
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I'm seriously ticked off by the whole thing!! Selfish yes but such an understatement i dont even know what to say!! The dr is absoultely 100% responsible he should have never ever implanted more embryos and thanks to this woman taking advantage of modern science the people who really need it and want a family and have the resources will now have to follow rules and guidelines to get fertility treatments!! It's just real BS thats all i can!!
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I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I also failed to mention my feelings about the risk she put those children and herself into by having so many implanted....  Was it 6? As a result all are born premature and may deal with health and mental issues associated with being premature. Humans are NOT designed to have litters!
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I heard 3 of the six original children had some kind of disability and it is expected that some of the octuplets will have disabilities as well. This is wrong on so many levels. I am one of 10 children brought up in a 4 bedroom home, built by my parents but the older 5 were out and married by the time I came along, so it was more like 5 children, then 5 more and not all at the same time.  I cannot imagine how these children are going to get the emotional attention they need so much. I have thought since the beginning that Mom was missing a few. As far as the doctor? I think what he did was ethically wrong and should be held accountable and made to pay for the babies needs.  I have wondered if the doctor who did this is not himself the donor? Would that be weird?
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She has transformed herself into a reproduction machine. If that is so much fun for her, I wonder why she doesn`t open her own adoption agency. I can not see this coming from a love for children per se. It is all madness. It has long been said that since the arrival of IVF we have so many more preemies and babies with serious health issues. Times 14 in this case. We all see how badly poverty crept into overpopulated countries where women still pop out a child a year - and on a small scale this will likely happen with her. It is all pretty weird - and somehow she looks like the product of a cosmetic surgeon. Interesting case, if it weren`t for those 14 infants.
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Yes, I remember now that 3 of the six kids have a disability.  

Yes I know in the past some people had lots of kids but most of the time these kids had  a mother and a father in the house, and most of the fathers worked, some of them 2-3 jobs.  My mother in law washed and ironed clothes for other people to make ends meet, and my father in law already had 2 jobs, and they "only" had 4 kids, one every year.  At one time she cleaned peoples houses and put all the 4 small children on chairs with a coloring book while she was doing her job, there was no money for a babysitter.  Yet they were not on welfare.  They were proud, hard working people.

This chick is single, on welfare and selfish expecting us taxpayers to food the bill.  I would have no problem if she had a job and could afford these 14 kids, or had a husband who was working, but single and on welfare and getting pregnant by choice is very selfish.

The  reason I mentioned the 3 bedrooms maybe being to small is because they showed pictures of the inside of the house and it was a total mess, it looked like a pig sty with the 6 kids there, I can imagine 8 more running around.  
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