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Pick a number 1-1000 and get a free african violet (photo)

Okay I thought we can try a little game. Pick an number, any number 1-1000 and the one to guess the right number or the closest by let's say by 11:40 am tomarrow will win a free african violet photo to put on their profile from my collection.

Just to make sure there was no cheating I used
to pick my number.

So let the guessing begin!
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W'll make that 3:pm considering the pace this is going. That should give people plenty of time to play this game. Ech person gets one guess.

The winner gets a good sized 800x 600 picture to upload to their profile. It's the next best thing to owning one. Only this one doesn't need to be watered. ;)
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Anyone interested in playing this game?  I can change the due date to tomarrow at 6pm.
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I choose number 333
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whats a african violet ---is that a flower  

allright  i will guess                          210
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I choose 777
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I will choose 430
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Cool - a virtual African Violet!

I'll choose 564
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This is great. Keep the guesses coming.  Now I'm off to pick my violet and scale it in photoshop.
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Let's recap. 6pm today September 29 2008 is the deadline.
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I choose 806
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About the time I forgotabout timezones... I mean CDST. (that is Midwestern time)
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I pick lucky #12!
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I'll go with 612
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hmmm.... 376
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I have a visual now... I found out the uploading feature is not working properly on Opera....
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My number is 472
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Great idea MJ. How about God's perfect number, 7. Thanks MJ.  :o)

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