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12 years after hysterectomy and oophrectomy

My GP had told me I still have plasma hormones but I had my ovaries removed years ago. Since stopping HRT 32 years ago I'm getting flashesI could do without.
I didn't think I could produce female hormones without ovaries.
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I had my hysterectomy/oophrectomy when I was 26 (1986).  Your body still produces hormones (both estrogen and testosterone) from other glands.  I am a vegetarian and have always eaten soy products.  One of the benefits of soy is that it breaks down to a type of estrogen substitute.  I have never taken estrogen replacement and my levels have always been great.  Try a few soy products (ice cream, appetizers, supplements) and see if you feel better.  Also, have you MD test your glucose levels.  Both higher and lower levels will make you sweat!!
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Thanks for that.
I use soya as I'm dairy intolerent but I understand a little more now.
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