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Fear of menopause

I am scared my sexual desire is leaving me which I don't know if it is stress related or what. My last period was last month and very light and this month I have not received one. Other fear is my husband which is younger then me has diabetes and thinks I don't lust after him anymore. What is going to happen to my sexual desires??
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I wouldn't worry too much about it because if it's a major concern of yours then I'd talk to your doctor about HRT. The HRT can probably help.
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I would recommend seeing a doctor that specializes in bioidentical hormones and menopause.  As we age, we produce less estrogen which is important in preventing vaginal atrophy and lubrication and testosterone which is absolutely key to our libido and all things sexual, our ability to become aroused, our sensitivity and ability/quality of orgasm.

I have estrogen and testosterone implants in my hip and I can say they work!

There are options and there is no need for you to lose your sex drive.

Good luck!

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How long have you been taking the bioidentical hormones? Are they as safe as they say they are? I had a total hysterectomy in February this year and right now I am SERIOUSLY thinking of taking something. I have been really worried about my bone health and I don't know if Calcium supplements can cut it.
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Absolutely they are safe.  My gyne wouldn't do them otherwise.  My
rheumy approves too.  

PM me for more information.  I also wrote a thread here called: Bioidentical Hormone Pellets.  
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