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How early can pre-menopause occur?

How early can pre-menopause start?  I am 31 years old.  In the past couple of months, I've noticed that I've become irritable and tired, and my monthly periods have become very short.  Where I used to have heavy periods lasting 5 - 6 days, they now only last 2 - 3 days with only one heavy day.  In addition, I don't sleep through the night anymore and have been having more headaches than normal.
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Premature menopause is defined as menopause before age 40. It happens to about 1 to 4 % of women depending on the population of people.  So it isn't rare but it is unusual.  For some women, it can happen even in the teen years, depending on the cause.  But there are many causes of periods becoming abnormal.  The commonest reason is due to pregnancy.  Other common reasons are stress, diet and the amount of exercise.  Weight gain or weight loss can also make a difference as can other hormonal conditions such as thyroid disease or possibly diabetes. Depression is another cause.

Since you have only been having this problem for a few months, it could be one of the above problems rather than menopause.  The best thing to do is see your doctor to find out more information and to make a plan.
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I'm begining to wonder if this is more common than thought. I am 34 and have been going through the same for 8 months (if not more), save for headaches.
Prior to and during my period, I'm also experiencing night sweats.
My sister who is 38 has been also experiencing this for a year.

My doctor checked my TSH level-did yours? My TSH is just fine though. The other option is checking hormone level, test begining with a F (can't remember at this time) however, he says that it tends to be unreliable unless you are litterally going into Menopause.
If I were you, if you haven't already, have your pap/pelvic exam.
Mine came back fine.

My doc mentioned putting me on a hormone for 3 months in an attempt to "kick start" my cycle and see if it will "get back to normal."

I too hope that you find answers. Good luck.
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hi my daughter has been having some problems for a couple of years now. she was on birth control pills from the health dept.(i dont know what kind of right now) and she started haveing break through bleeding and hurting in her right side down low  so she went to a gyno dr. he said that the lining was to thin and that she was almost in menopause so he put her on premarin heromone pills she had to take a box within a few days  well the spotting stopped but she still expericened pain in her side she stopped having her period  i think she said she bleed some a couple of months ago. but no more. she went to the dr. this week and he said he thought she was in premenopause  he done blood work and ordered a sonogram or ultrasound for the 13th. she is only 22 yrs old is it possible for her to be in premenopause at that age.
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i went into the menopause at 40.  I just stopped having periods completely, but the hot flushes have been a nightmare.  I did have blood tests to confirm and it was definite, but it has had a bad effect on my sex life - have gone off it alot and don't know what to do about it really.  I did have HRT but it immediately started me bleeding again and I didn't stop for 6 weeks so I gave that up as a bad job.  Vaginal dryness is one of the issues to contend with.  So while I have enjoyed not having the monthly cycle, the other side of it hasn't been as enjoyable.
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