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Is early menopause causing constant UTI problem?

My mother had her menopause when she was 37yrs old and now she is 52. Since then she has been experiencing constant UTI problem. After doing urine test, she took strong anti biotics for the bacteria E-coli in her urine, which was making her very ill. Again after a month she developed the same problem and this time she went to another doctor who said that her uterus lining is very thin and the tearing cos of intercourse was causing the UTI problem and that she shld take hormones. My mother hesitated and went to another gynecologist who said that she needs to stop drinking too much water cos her uterus opening is small and the water remains in her uterus and forms infection and that she needs to get a surgery done to open her uterus for the urine to pass without any problems. She drinks a lot of water to avoid the problem but its not helping. Now another doctor says that she needs to get a biopsy done in her uterus to see if she has cancer and have also asked her to get a mammogram done.
I do not understand what the real problem is bcos not all these doctors have one same answer for the problem. Her blood tests and routine and culture urine reports are clear but she still has the same problem.
Please help me as to what she is suffering with. I need to know what the problem is because it is just getting worse.
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It is a little unclear from your history exactly what is happening, but here are some suggestions. If the lining of your mother's uterus is thin, she does not need a biopsy. Thin is good for a uterine lining after menopause. It means there is no cancer.

Perhaps the doctor said she needs to have the urethra opened (the place where the urine comes out), not the opening to the uterus. Water doesn't come out of the uterus.

In general, drinking a lot of water is good for a urine infection. Also drinking cranberry juice is good. The acid in the juice helps to kill the bacteria. There are also types of antibiotics such as Macrodantin, that help to acidify the urine and cut down the risk of infection. Have your mother ask about these. There are types of gynecologists called urogynecologists. The deal with problems of the urinary tract in women. They might have other solutions as well.

It is also a good idea to go to the bathroom and empty the bladder before having intercourse. It cuts down the risk of a bladder infection.

Having a mammogram is in general a good idea for women in menopause. It helps with early detection of breast cancer. It has nothing to do with the bladder infections.
Machelle Seibel, MD
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