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Losing weight in Menopause?

I am 54 years old and having a difficult time losing weight. During the past 8-9 months, I have not been able to continue my typical exercise regimen due to knee pain and surgery. As a result, I have gained the nine pounds I lost and added 7 more.Approximately two weeks ago, I started to exercise again, managing to workout four days each week, although no change in weight. Any suggestions?
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I have extreme menopause symptoms.  I had a hysterectomy but they left the ovaries intact.  To make matters worse I am having a lot of trouble keeping weight on.  I have always been thin but this is a battle.  I see a doctor regularly and he saw no signs of other illness.  Not only do I have the classic depression but severe anxiety as well.  Does this make any sense.  Please someone send me a reply.  I am desperate for answers.
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In Feb 2011 I had my ovaries and tubes out (uterus had been removed already), then in April 2011 I had to have emergency gallbladder removal.  I've never really had to worry about my weight, could lose a few lbs quite easily whenever I felt I needed to .... until now.  After the 2 abdominal surgeries last spring I went through most of the summer just healing and getting back to feeling like myself again.  I've always been a big walker, so I started gradually building up walking a lot again.  Over the winter I started back to using my elliptical machine a few days a week, also started to do some yoga on the alternate days and a bit of weight training in the gym (I really hate weight training, it's just so bloody boring!)  Got my bike out a few weeks ago and I've been doing about 15-20 km every other day.  Got some good running shoes ordered so I can start running when they get here.
Since having my gallbladder out I find I get fuller much faster than before, plus I can't handle greasy or fatty foods so I'm eating less and eating healthier than ever before.
Sounds good, right?  One would think so, but NOT.  Since the new year I've gained about 15 lbs, all right in the middle.  My thighs are fat, my butt is huge and my belly is disgusting ... I have no idea why this is.  Half my clothes don't fit or are tight and uncomfortable, I feel gross and fat and I'm getting really discouraged.  I'm doing all the right things and for some reason it's not working.
I have a dr appt on friday, going to talk to her about it and see if she has any suggestions.  wish me luck!
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Losing weight is more about what you eat rather than the type of exercise you do. Hence a diet chart prepared in consultation with a dietician and a balanced exercise regimen will help you lose weight. Also health problems like thyroid disorders and diabetes and high cholesterol should be ruled out. Hope this helps.
Take care and good luck.
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