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Question about menopause/changes in cycles

Hi there. I am new to this form and looking forward to getting to know people.  My question is about menopause.  My doctor hasn't discussed this with me at all.  Currently I have been having changes to my menstrual cycle.  Like Currently this month my period started August 23 with light bleeding and then for 3 days the beginning of September very heavy.  I have noticed some clots various in size. I have never had a period last this long and am trying to figure out what is going on.
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Hi there. Welcome to the group!  I'll check more often if you are visiting to chat!!  I have been there done that with the menopause process. Let me just say this, it was NOT how I imagined and I found out later, I had kind of a common pattern.  I did start with some abnormal cycles. Not in that they were spaced out weird, I actually was more on time than ever . . . but that it was significant bleeding. Like call an ambulance, I'm not going to make it bleeding. This went on for a very long while. About 3 and a half years. Yes, that long. It was annoying. My friend couldn't take it and also had a fibroid so ended up  having a hysterectomy. I saw the whole process out without that. THEN, my period started to get irregular in the area of when it would show up. Less and less. And the bleeding was heavy but for fewer days. Then it wasn't that heavy. Then I didn't get a period for NINE months. Then bam, I got it again. My doctor said you have to have a full calendar year with no cycle to be considered through menopause. This happened the following year. How old are you if you don't mind me asking.  Yes, I had big clots. Like literally golf ball size that when I was younger would have prompted me to call the doctor. When I told my doctor when in my early 50's, she said it's normal for menopause. Anyway, ask me anything!  
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