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Menopause with TWW Black Blood in Between Periods.

Good day.

I am new to your community of which I find interesting.

Can anyone provide me.

have anyone currently experiencing the following:

A period thats like spotting with Dark Brown Blood however when wipe after bathroom use is Black with Red Black large mucus clot?  This happened less than a day ago and two weeks after a early period of three and one half weeks that was very lite brown/pink bleed. Never had in between bleeds before hence this is of concern to me.
Currently going through the following menopausal symptoms: Hot flashes, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea; more so of late, body aches mostly the joints and bones, chest pain and some breathing difficulties from time to time. bloated all over the body. difficulties staying awake and constipation for the past few days.   No biological child and have an history of irregular period and infertility plus I am in my early fifties.  Hence pregnancy is most definitely ruled out for a number of reason age, menopause, infertility that was never looked into or sorted out also many medical issues.  Prior to the sleeping issue, there was an issue of insomnia and was put on medication that was not helping as this was a medical problem with migraine from childhood.

Can anyone help me understand with is going on with my body at the moment I would greatly appreciate it.  Not ready to face off with my doctor until I can somewhat understand as I know its menopause yet nervous.

Oh by the way, my grandmother, mom, aunt and sister went through menopause with no problem so why me?.                      
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Hi, I can relate to some of your issues.  I too had dark brown/black spotty periods for a couple months then nothing at all ever since then. My periods literally stopped. Thats when I entered pre-menopause at the age of 43.   I was told by a co-worker that sometimes if a woman gives birth at a young age that she may have early menopause. I don't know if thats true or not but it was the case with me.  I had my first child when I was 17.
I wish you luck to finding out answers to your issues.  I can sympathize with you.
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Good day, I want to thank you for responding.

I was told I would never have children because per my doctor I had more male hormones and an irregular period that would come sometime 57, 61 or more or less days.  Also I was told my body killed any semen that enters (never heard this before) lol.  Also I have a retroverted uterus.  I did however got pregnant and deliver five days before my 33 birthday, the child died ten days later.  In my mid forties I was told I had a blood clotting illness where my blood clots. At 36 my period stopped for a whole year exactly and come the following year.  Now all these unexplained symptoms surfacing that's driving me batty  and likewise I wish we all could find a plausible explanation  for these thing going on.          
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This sounds like the absurd and unpredictable bleeding/spotting we get as we go through menopause.  I had this too.  I also, when I had a period, felt like it was a triple homocide I had so much heavy bleeding.  My periods intensified in my 50's!  Then all of a sudden they stopped. I got through 7 months before getting another period, dang it, and then had them for about 5 months. Then I have stopped again. Have not had a period since January. I also when still having periods had cyclic anxiety with insomnia at night. For usually about three straight days.  

Have you been to your ob/gyn recently?
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Thank you,
No, waiting until my period come in a day or two. If it still dont come will still visit.

My period stopped for exactly one year at age 36 and comes back with so mych force then started normally ar 35 days, then 31, 28 and now around 21, 24 or 28 days.  With the exception of that year my periods are extremely pale, mucusy and short until  that fluke last month
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