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No menopausal treatment

I'm a 55 year lady who hasn't taken any supplements other than Multi-vitamin, calcium and baby aspirin for nearly a year.  Is it safe enough to take nothing whilst going through Menopause?   I've been having the menopausal symptoms nearly three years now and have learned to with it.  I'm fairly fit as I walk, do cardio workout, and try to eat well.  My body size hasn't changed most of my life.  I am now a size 12 and have been that or smaller my whole life.
I often think about using HRT but I've been told that sooner or later you will stop taking it and then the menopausal systems will appear.  So, is it safe enough to do nothing?
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Hi Jangaynell!

I agree with Shielah, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to ‘fix’ it!  

Menopause is not at ‘disease’. It is a normal, natural transition like puberty, and while it’s true that many (most?) of us wind up suffering with some of the symptoms that often come along with ‘the change’ (hot flashes, night sweats, emotional weirdness, etc), not everyone does, and apparently you got the luck of the draw!

Until a few years ago, pharmaceutical companies were billing HRT as the virtual ‘fountain of youth’ for women, claiming that it could not only help with the vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes, but that it could prevent osteoporosis, and possibly even lower your chances of having heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and even certain types of cancers. Many doctors bought the sales pitch, and were routinely handing out HRT like candy to women as soon as they started peri.

That all changed when a massive study called the Women’s Health Initiative was stopped before completion. The reason?  Researchers found that HRT was actually INCREASING womens chances of getting the diseases it was supposed to prevent, including heart disease, stroke, blood clots, and certain types of cancers – including breast cancer.

More recently, they also found that women using HRT were 38% more likely to need hip replacement, and 58% more likely to need knee replacement!

Of course, there are many women who suffer horribly with severe menopause issues, and at some point you have to look at quality of life. Many of these women have found that HRT seems to be the only thing that makes life bearable. Others such as myself have found natural alternatives that relieve the night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, etc.

You, on the other hand, seem to be doing quite well with nothing. Be happy that you are one of these lucky women, and don’t let anyone talk you into taking something that you don’t need!

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You are a very lucky lady. Say thank you to your ancestors for your genes that mean you can cope with the symptoms you do have.
If you don't need to take anything don't! All drugs/medicines have some side effects/drawbacks so if you can do without that's great. Just make sure that you eat well and check your bloods regularly (mostly for calcium and iron), and you will be fine.
It's true that if you start on HRT you will eventually have to stop and you could suffer even stronger symptoms than you would have.
There are herbal treatments that are great if you only have slight problems, but you should always buy from a reputable seller. There have been some horror stories recently concerning fake vitamins/medicines.
Take care and best wishes,
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