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Has anyone else entered menopause and completed it without any symptoms minus the obvious periods? I FINALLY went to my Dr to get a blood test to see where I was at with all this. My periods dwindled over time and it had been about 14 months since my last period when I went to my Dr. Turns out, I am post-menopausal. I've never experienced hot flashes or any other normal symptoms women get with this. If my period hadn't ceased, I would never have known.
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Count yourself lucky, ha ha. I think I went through minor menopause or it was so slow taking place over years that I got used to things. I noticed a bit of sleeplessness at time and it was cyclic. My doctor said it was the hormonal shifts. I was a little grumpier but hey, that's not necessarily totally new, ha ha.  But my son went through a really hard time in life with depression and anxiety that totally required so much of my time and attention. I missed my ob gyn appointment and then I had it scheduled and I was like . . . hm. I can not remember my last period. I opened up my app and omg, it had been 500 and something days. I was like OHHHHH. I also wasn't fully aware. I AM now so long after getting hot flashes. I think estrogen can drop enough to stop menstruation but we still have it and then it drops more over time. I have no proof of that but that is my guess. Hot flashes over a year since my last period? arghh
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