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Perimenopause and Fertility Concerns at 35

Hello.  I posted last week about possible perimenopause symptoms at age 35: spotting bt. periods and an early period.  (now posting under dif. username due to password trouble).

Well I'm writing again because symptoms have worsened and I have new questions.   This period that came early has now continued (cramping and/or spotting) for 17 days.   I have had several bizarre memory lapses, completely out of character.  I took my contacts out  yesterday and threw them away because my eyes were so dry - only to find out this too is a symptom.   Also some vaginal dryness.  My sleep cycle is altered.  After not sleeping at all for months I am exhausted and feel drugged.    And sweaty/hot/cold too.  

I went to the doctor but they said it's just dysfunctional uterine bleeding, go on pill to regulate it/cervix looks fine.  I am awaiting blood tests but have read that doesn't always indicate trouble until late in process.

History: perfectly regulated cyle starting at 12 & then every month since.  One terminated pregnancy at 27, unfortunately.   A 2-year episode of severe depression and few months on prozac 6 years ago (I read this increases early perimenopause risk).  No health or weight problems.  Mother entered perimenopause at 55.

I'm now convinced this is perimenopause and scheduled an Antral Follicle Count/ultrasound to find out fertility (I don't have a partner at this time).  Question:  Is fertility likely to be very low?  Difficult question but I prefer to hear it from medhelp first so I will be at least a bit prepared.      

Thank you so much for all this help.
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A. Your symptoms could be due to a variety of things, but perimenopause is certainly one of the most likely considerations.  All of your symptoms could be due to this reason.  I don
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I read your symptoms.  I will be tested for all the gynecological stuff in October (it's awful how long they make you wait for an appt.).  
I am 45 and I have been suffering from memory loss (in the middle of a sentence I forget what to say), night sweats (although for the most part, I am cold), weight gain, a lot of pain before a period, deppression (which I never experienced before), sluggishness, the worst mood swings, bloating for no reason, etc.  I suspect also thyroid problems, and I read somewhere that hormonal problems might be related to the thyroid, too.
You are so young to have those symptoms, I am wondering if there is something else.
Hope you can find answers to your symptoms!
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You may be entering perimenopause, but there is a chance you may not be. I think the route you're taking is the best one, getting an FSH test and baseline u/s, for antral follicle count.

If it's any consolation, my story may provide some hope, even if your FSH comes back high. I tried conceiving at age 34, and after 16 months of trying, a miscarriage, and another year and a half of trying, I sought fertility help. I went to two different doctors, and chose the 2nd one to stay with. We quickly found out our reason for infertility: My FSH level was 17.6---high. Gave me a 1-3 % of ever conceiving and having a 'live' birth' on my own, without donor eggs.

After trying a high-stim cycle (very costly since my body needed A LOT of Gonal-F, and we were halfway in the costly cycle and couldn't back out then), the double IUI failed and we were in debt, so we gave up. We then decided to accept our fate and dove into plans to get a house built. A month into the builder starting, we conceived on our own. The only difference this time was that I noticed sore breasts, unlike I've ever felt before around a week before ovulation,so we went for it. It worked. I gave birth to a healthy, happy, beautiful baby girl a year ago and it is possible to conceive with High FSH. It may take longer, but sometimes it's possiblb.e

Good luck, and let us know what your test results were. Oh, and btw, I only had 3 antral follicles, whcih was not good at all.
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Thank you everyone for your responses, I appreciate it so much.

Hailey's mom,  thank you so much for telling your beautiful story, it's really comforted me & congratulations on your wonderful daughter.    

I actually read your post right before going to have the antral follicle count done (which I rescheduled) and it helped me stay more peaceful & relaxed.   As it turned out, the results were extremely average for my age.  Not particularly good or bad.  For some reason I feel funny about posting the exact number on the internet so soon after finding out, since it's such an unusual thing to have revealed in the first place.   But your story made me remember that numbers don't tell everything.
Anyhow, it seems I am not in perimenopause after all - though I'm still waiting for blood tests to make sure.  And most of my symptoms have gone away too, or at least greatly subsided.  

It's weird, I thought AFC was a fixed figure, but apparently it can fluctuate too.   Does anybody know anything about this?  Does it mean that a woman's ovarian function can somehow improve all of a sudden, say if she balances her hormones or something?   And can stress & anxiety drive it down?  

Thanks again for this desperately needed forum.
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