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Side Effects of HRT?

Had a hysterectomy 2 years ago at age 43 but left ovaries in.  Recently tested that ovaries are no longer producing estrogen.  OBGYN prescribed estrogen patch .01.  Ok for several months, then started getting dizzy, off balance, chest pains, & shortness of breath. Some days ok, but most days, really out of it and can't function. Regular doc sez its because HRT otherwise everything else ok.  OBGYN increased patch to .1, then premarin .45 and then .625.  Now trying compound pharmacy to create natural estrogen pills at .625 level.  As dosage increased, so did the symptoms.  Often take Advil to relieve symptoms.  Question: since these are symptoms, should I be concerned that it could be something else?   Confused and searching for answers. Thanks.
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A. It is hard to know for sure what is causing your symptoms.  But since the symptoms started after the estrogen, the two could be related.  If you are having chest pain and dizzy and short of breath, it might be a good idea to speak with your internist and have your heart checked and let them listen to your lungs and do a good physical exam.  If there are more symptoms with higher dosages of estrogen, might need less and not more estrogen.  

First go and have your internist check you out.  Then come back to the estrogen.  In the meantime, might be good to reduce the dose of estrogen to reduce the symptoms or come off of it and see if the bad symptoms stop.

Machelle M. Seibel, MD
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Internist says heart and lungs check out ok.  Afraid to exercise , i.e. walk 20 minutes, because of the pain and constant fear of passing out.  In the meantime, continual weightgain even with eating lighter meals.  Can't win!
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There is an excellent newsletter that comes out every month, sometimes more, that gives great information to women who are considering hormone replacement therapy or who have questions about doctors, compounding pharmacies, and the medications that would fit them best. it's free to sign up. The link is http://www.mailermailer.com/x?oid=30853x
There is also a great site linked with the newsletter at http://www.bioidenticalmedicaldictionary.com

Thanks and enjoy!

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