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Do you know a testosterone clinic?

Hi guys, been experiencing this low testosterone. I can't sleep and low sexual desires. I'm afraid that my partner will eventually dislike me. I went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription but still no effect. Is there any clinic you know that can help me?
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Testosterone replacement is a complex thing about which the vast majority of health practitioners are not adequately informed.  Frankly, T replacement for the issues you specifically report  usually has minimal effect, often just temporary.  Overly aggressive T replacement without adequate co-medications (such as HCG) can result in painful testicles and permanent testicular atrophy.  There are very few practitioners who are adept at T replacement, which, honestly, is still in its infancy.  First off, consider possible psychological reasons for decreased libido.  "Psychological" is about 95% of libido.  Finally, it's important to note that libido wanes with age - way faster than the sex industry would like you to know.  About 50% of men at age 60 are no longer interested in sex.  30% at 55.  It's just the way it is.  Studies so far, show no relation between T level and libido in the majority of men that age.  But, those studies are incomplete.  The T levels those men had at age 30 or 40 are largely unknown.
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I'm not sure there is something as a 'testosterone clinic' which only treats low testosterone.  Your doc gave you a prescription for testosterone and you've been taking it?  What symptoms do you have from the low level?  Did they do blood work to see if the level is rising from the script?
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