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Genital Herpes, Boil, Ingrown Hair Infected? *picture*

A few weeks ago I got a couple bumps around my genital area but just figured they were ingrown hairs cuz I get them all the time. Another thing to note is I go tanning in a tanning bed every once in awhile and I think around this time i had been going a lot so it was burned and slightly irritated. Also my razor I use to shave is pretty old and doesn’t cuz the best but gets the job done. So anyway I got these couple bumps and didn’t think much of it until it didn’t go away...I tried potting them and it’s pop a clear fluid out (sometimes actually pop and sometimes ooze). I did notice they were pretty hard and large and seemed to have a lot of hair sticking out of them so today I went to get the herpes 1 and 2 test at a clinic and afterwards went and bought some tweezers. I came out and started plucking away at these hairs, literally pulled out 25 percent of my pubes lmao...and a lot of pus was coming out and it was very bloody at times, clear, and very distinct yellowish/orangish color at times too. The thing that slowed my anxiety about the whole situation while I wait to get the results is after plucking all these hairs the bumps decreased DRASTICALLY and were not as sensitive to the touch. It is still sensitive and the bumps are still there but they are almost flat...just like slight raises off my skin, not the big bumps like before. While typing this I check them again and they haven’t grown back but there is a clear pus seeping out. What do you think is going on?? The picture in the link below is a few hours after I extracted a ton of hair from the three bumps. It looks more spread out now but it was 3 big bumps. The size and pain decreases a lot after but still worried.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/0Y0A70
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