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Getting my male hormone levels checked

Hey All,
   I'm a 26 year old male, and I think there may be something wrong with my hormone levels.

I'm easily depressed,lethargic, unmotivated.
But on the flip side, I have alot of body hair(sign of high testosterone), and I lift weights, and I don't think my strength is impaired.

I'd really like to get a clue to what my hormone levels are, so I've decided to have a lab test done. I'm going to a lab(going around my doctor to save on cost).

My question is, what tests should I have done?

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I don't know the specific name of the test, but I'm sure all you have to do is tell the people at the lab what it is you want to check for and they will draw your blood and test it.  I had my testosterone level checked once and they simply took some blood and  checked it for testosterone.  Had the results two days later.
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Ive been having the same symptoms (minus the extra hair, since Im female)  I just called my doctor today & Im going in for some tests.  After the tests then you'll be able to discuss the next steps to getting better!  Good Luck 2 both of us!  =)  Its also nice to know Im not the only one feeling that way =)
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Sometimes the symptoms you mentioned can be as sign of something very simple like iron deficiency.  I am sure the doctor will check all of that out though.  Good luck to both of you.  Let us know what the dr. says.

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I am also the same problem you had when you posted 03/16/06 . Please tell me the solution if you know. ***@**** is my e-mail id . thank You .
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