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Lymph Nodes swollen for a long time...

Some information before I get started, I'm male, 17 and above average fitness.

At the start of the year my lymph nodes popped up (3 under my chin and groin) about 3 weeks after they did I popped to the GP. I was on ibuprofen high dose for a week didn't go down so I went back and had blood test, results came back clear. They never completely went they just shrunk to about 4mm across, but a couple of days they became quite big. Swollen on my left side of my neck, 3 under my chin and under both armpits it hurts to turn my neck shallow  and I can't put my arms flush to my side because of the glands in my armpits hurt so much.

Over half a year since I first noticed them.
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Seems like you would have an infection going on.  See a dentist and mention it to him.  Maybe you have an abscess or something.  
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Thank you, my mom's made another appointment for the doctors this Monday.
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