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Mastrubating for 20 years

I am mastrubating for 20 years and used to use my hand to mastrubate and when the Penis does not stand I still mastrubate and ejaculate and I get the white semen, sometiems I do it 5 times a day and I have just plain liquid instead of sperm when I done this.

Now I am married now and despirately need help and want to have kids, can some one tell me if I stop mastrubating totally how long will it take for my penis to get fixed ? when i see a woman it does not come up until i stroke it to come up and then when I try to penitrate it just goes flat. Please tell me what I can do to fix this problem.

I might have PE and ED combined, Doctors have tested me for all Hormones and there is no Hormone disorder and my Testerone levels are Low but not abnormally low.
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Welcome to the Men's Club! When I was young, I did not know any guy who masturbated 5 times a day.  My friends bragged that we could masturbate 3 times a day before we grew tired. There is a saying, "Man's sex organ is between his ears." Our penis takes orders from our brain that regulates our sex habits. You may have to have some behavior training to order your brain to give your penis instructions to grow ridgit and perform. Masturbation is a personal act to bring you pleasure, and you do not have to worry about helping your partner achieve orgasm. You may or may not need to take Viagra to prepare for sex. Masturbating 5 times a day depletes your testicles' daily supply of sperm, so when you ejaculated, you only produced seminal fluid from your Prostate.In other words, " you were shooting blanks." The doctor who tested your hormone levels can probably advise you how to return to normal sex habits.

Good luck.

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the problem is my doctors are not able to help, Even if I take viagra it does not go up as it does not have the mental simulation, so what do I do ? some one please help.
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   Since you have no physical problem, all that you need is to take balanced food, good exercise, improve general health and build up and divert all your sexual energy towards your partner. It will take a bit of time to get adjusted to the new ways sexual enjoyment, and during this period, avoid any other forms of sex. Viagra may be used temporarily and it will help as far as ED is concerned, but should be prescribed by a doctor. Similarly for PE a very short course of antidepressant would help. You can go to a general physician and get them prescribed.
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how long must abstain from masturbation for it to work ?my wife has given me a deadline, i do not want problems in my marriage, somebody please tell me. She wants to know so she can set a deadline on me :( My addiction is ruining my life.
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    This is not to be got over under pressure, the more you are pressurised, the more the results will be delayed. You and your wife together can meet a physician or a therapist and he will be able to advise you.
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Ok, even if Relax, how long would it take it get back to Normal, has it happened with others, and have they come back to normal ?
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