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Shrnking penis (II)

Restarting the shrinking penis thread that reached the maximum number of posts further down the board.

Penis continues to get thinner and be painful.  

Anyone got any developments, good or otherwise, to report?
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I will be seeing a top hormone doctor next week in the states regarding my on going struggles. I will update everyone on the progress.

Can you explain what you mean by getting "thinner" and the pain? Where does the pain come from and what is it like? I do get testicular pain now and again due to the varicocele and sometimes tingling in the penis head/glans which can be painful at times.
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is there really such thing? (no other meaning intended, just asking) how come?
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Hi again,

I'm still suffering with this condition.
I belive it started when my girlfriend penetrated me with a vibrating anal sex toy.
I believe I have done some damage either physical damage to my bowl or prostrate or altered my testosterone production causing my penis to shrink.

I also have noticed I am losing my hair also. Could this be down to low testosterone levels?

I also has a swollen stomahe and IBS. All caused from some harmless sex play.

Doctors have been so far no help but I am going back shortly. I beleve it's getting worse.

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Megazoid, the best I can explain it is that it's like a slowly-deflating balloon, or that my penis is wasting away.

The circumference is around 2cm less than it was about 10 years ago and lately it's seemed like the length is shrinking too, which really freaks me out.

I experience short, sharp shooting pains in the penis most day as well as a dull ache from time to time.  I also have a painful itching sensation from within the penis itself.

To the guy who questioned whether or not this could happen - you aint alone in being skeptical man.  The original topic saw several people report they've suffered similar problems but that every doctor they've spoken to have dismissed thier concerns and said this simply couldn't happen.

That's certainly been my experience as three Urologists have told me they can think of no reason why this would be happening.
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Are you referring to Dr. Crisler? If so, I plan to see him pending the results from the MRI I am having tomorrow. 7 months ago there was a pituitary micro adenoma found measuring 5.0 X 8.0 CM. This is a follow up to see if it has grown.

Since last I talked to you, I severely crashed after trying my liquid-nolvadex run for a week, which resulted in a rock bottom depression and suicide attempt. I don't want to elict responses of how bad it is to do that...I know, but it's hard for people to understand how it feels and what you go through. Thank God, my wife found me soon after I had injested the pills. I was put in a behavioral health hospital for 2 weeks and have since been discharged with a mood barely above that rock bottom. My life is a living Hell as well and it is damn hard to deal with as you know. I'm not sure why the Nolva run crashed me as it did...but can only speculate that using 50mg/day for a week and suddenly quitting revved up LH production and then dropped bottom wrecking havoc to my HPTA. Not sure, but it definitely did me in. It is only now (1 month) that I'm beginning to return slowly back to normal (the old less than adequate normal)

God Bless,
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Firstly I am glad this discussion is still open, we all need to get to the bottom of this horrible disorder, I still don't know what can actually make the penis shrink SO BAD that it feels like it is wasting away, we are all young men and deserve to know exactly what it is. it just isn't right to live like this

I empathise because this doesn't get much better by the day and I am finding myself on the verge of complete ED, the best I can hope for is a day were it is moderate and I get a little labido 1/2 erections etc - it is beyond a joke.

I get a lot of suicide ideation vaiisking, I know how you feel and am glad you are still with us. We need to remember no matter what caused it this is a hormonal problem and we need to see the best doctors to deal with it. If you do a search on the symptoms of conditions such as adrenal fatigue, low testosterone and hypothyroidism it is ridiculous, I would say just as bad as any other terrible illness. The thing is all these hormones work together i.e. adrenal fatigue will mess up your thyroid functon so any benefits through stimulants etc may be short lived because our endocrine systems are basically not tuned up like they should be or were.

There is a pupil test you can do on yourself by flashing a penlight or something from the side (not the front) towards your pupils in a darkened room. With healthy adrenals, your pupils will constrict, and will stay small the entire time you shine the light from the side. In adrenal fatigue, the pupil will get small, but it will soon enlarge again or obviously flutter in it
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man im glad that you guys are hear .im not much of a right er but feel all of you .look at me ive beeen having ed and now  after trt i have lost most of my balls this sucks i trying to not to loss my mind . that was the thing that was going to fix the problem .i dont have health care and have been paying $ 240.00 a month for my balls to not be what that have been (rad ).im a good looking guy and was fun thats agreat thing to say .check me out do you want to just hold me im a gerat but i dont act like a man no more .i hate like now i did nt want to talk sad to any of you but i cant say thius to any one  so hear i am  i did not sleep on my side before the trt it would hurt my balls now things arent any beeeter .will as life has it once a big dog but what am i now lost .i can be with a lot of gerat ladys but ho want this looks right but no drive wow thats hot .lets not ever have sex good plan !!!!! im a road dog with no health care just what i can pay.sorry about the bad writing ive been drinking and am going bed with my self not that i have to but what am i going to do like lets hang out so we can fell wird i cant do this to myself any more .if i have time ill tell you guys the rest fo my story tomorro trying to chill 421 just got to go to bed .  thank you all for being here
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hi cjones84.
i have the same conditon.when i sit down especially lying down i sometimes feel ok.
i had all kinds of blood test done.
i had all hormone tests done including testosterone and thyroid
i also had urine tests and ultrasound
the results all came normal.

i think my hernia can cause this.
after i go to toilet to do my **** (i am sorry i dont how to say it in a kind way),i feel so good down there.

it also hurts when i masturbate or after my masturbation finishes. it usually starts from bottom right side and goes to left side.
sometimes after i masturbate i get very very strong pain from all my testicles that i cant even stand, sit or touch it.it hurts so much and can stay for two three hours.

so, my only question is all my tests came out as normal. so can my hernia cause this problem?

and can this be because of adrenal fatigue as i havent done any tests for it?
thanks a lot!!!
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I finally managed to get some time to reply to this thread. It's difficult for me both to deal and listen to other's coping with this disease, simply because i am a very emotional person and it hurt's me to see good people like vaiisking being driven to suicide due to this terrible, terrible condition.

Please let me reply:

vaiisking - I am very glad you are still with us, you are a good man and one of the few people that contacted me personally on another forum. No word's can describe how i felt when i read your post, i am just glad you are here to post again. You need to stay strong and beat this with the rest of us, i have felt strongly suicidal myself so i know what it's like. We all deserve to beat this.

Dr John is an outstanding Dr and i feel confident that he will fix you up. I am going to see Dr Marianco myself, i have had allot of personal contact with him over the past year or so and he know's my case well. My problem isn't testosterone alone but also thyroid (hypothyroid like cjones) and maybe adrenals. I need to get everything checked in full because my condition is very complex. Both Dr John and Dr M are among the best doctors in the world for treating these kind of problems.

Your own case is also very complex, a possible theroy is that nolvadex caused a E2 surge when stopped. Nolvadex dosen't stop E2 armotization at the liver level but rather acts as a SERM which effects breast tissue, areas of the brain, etc. When you stopped nolvadex a surge in E2 probably happened which triggered a down regulation of LH, TSH and caused a negative feedback loop to occur. Because your piturity is dysfunctional (most likely like my testicles) then you're going to get strange reactions from drugs like this.

How are you feeling now? Has anything improved?
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hi caniken, what you need to remember is that you know your body better than anyone else, especially all things below the belt! If you feel ok flaccid when you are relaxed sitting/lying down in your frontroom or whatever and then when you walk around feel your penis atrophy to the size of your thumb there has to be something not right with this. When I didn't have these symptoms I used to feel like I was walking around with a semi-erection almost, maybe as is expected in your late teens, early 20s. My GP didn't understand lacking sensation/feeling libido and said this was all in my head and would only do basic tests because I insisted. Taking viagra although this may help in the short-term is just papering over the cracks of what is really going on here.

All blood tests I had came back "normal" but that doesn't mean it is normal for "you" For instance my TSH was 2.5 and falls within normal range but to a good doctor anything over 2 could be considered hypothyroid and they would start to treat the patient based on their symptoms and not just a lab result that falls within a range. For thyroid the TSH range is 0.3 - 3.0 to look for hyper or hypo symptoms. It is also important to get the results of your actual active thyroid hormones Free T3 and T4 levels and see where these are sitting along with thyroid antibodies (anti-TPO and TgAb) and Ferritin plus adrenals. Basically the full thyroid panel bloodwork and also try and get a saliva test kit for your adrenals to check cortisol over 24 hours. You may also want to check things like Progesterone, Dhea, Estradiol, SHBG and DHT. The next time I get bloodwork it won't be through my GP so I will have more than my TSH to speak of. This is released by your pituitary gland to stimulate your thyroid to produce more hormones. This can be a good indicator of hypothyroidism/ pituitary problems but also misleading depending on your doctors ability at reading labs especially when tested alone and not taking things like Free T3 into consideration

This isn't all about sex hormones, you can have good testosterone levels but still have no libido. Thyroid hormone is partly responsible for increasing your mood, sperm production, energy levels and even increases testosterone production in the testes - where there are thyroid hormone receptor cells. When you are at optimal levels this is very important for maintaining libido. The testes also release Thyroid Releasing Hormone (TRH)

Adrenal Fatigue/Deficiency can kill libido and you need to get this sorted out first. If you find your labs are sitting low/normal for cortisol, progesterone and DHEA then this is a red flag for sluggish adrenals. Along with the many symptoms like anxiety, lack of enthusiasm, libido etc that can't be ignored. Cortisol helps cell receptors receive thyroid hormones from the blood to the cells so this can cause all kinds of problems if you are deficient in this

The hernia may have started this by knocking your hormone harmony ratio out of balance so to speak. If you post up your lab results with the reference ranges I am sure someone like megazoid will give you greater insight on how your hormones are working together. Estradiol being to low or high can stop libido also but I think it is very possible your adrenals and possibly thyroid function has been messed up, possibly due to the hernia. It is like having a car without an engine and once this is fixed everything else may fall into place. It is also essential to get a good doctor

I would also again like to send my best regards to vaiisking and pray everyone gets the answers they are looking for
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hi cjones84. i feel myself better after i go to toilet and i also feel my penis a lot better when my mood gets better.

do you also have the same symptoms?
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Truly sorry to hear about what you've been through.  I hope you're getting through this the best you can.
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