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Testosterone Level dropping by 50% in 2 years before turning 30??

I'm 30 yo male. Back in Feb 2017 my testosterone level was 23.5 nmol/L (678 ng/dL) and two years later in Feb 2019 it was 11.7 nmol/L (337 ng/L). Both were part of regular bloodwork. That seems like quite a drop! The doctor never mentioned the lower testosterone (it still fell within the "normal" range), and I only recently noticed this when going through my records. I've also had two scrotal ultrasounds, one in December 2018 and the other several months later, they both came back normal (no abnormalities!). However, I've recently noticed that between the two scans my testicles had enlarged slightly (my right testicle by 9cc according to the measurements given, and the reason I got the second scan was that testicle felt hard and swollen), this also was not mentioned and when I brought it up in last appt it was regarded as insignificant.
These seem like possible red flags and are concerning to me. Any thoughts?
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First, you need a new doctor, if only because your concerns are being brushed off as insignificant. You deserve a complete answer to your questions.

You don't have low T, technically, but that's quite a drop - it usually drops 1% a year starting around age 30. Low T is under 300 ng/L, so you're close.

Other than your testicle symptoms, do you have any symptoms of low T? https://www.healthline.com/health/low-testosterone/warning-signs

Have you had a recent scan on your testicles? Are either still feeling hard? If they are, get that followed up on. I don't know that it has to do with the dropping T, but it seems worthwhile in examining. Can you get in with an endocrinologist? You deserve at least a consult.

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Hi, thanks for your response. I don't seem to have most of the symptoms of low T other than fatigie. Unfortunately I have become quite the hypochondriac over the past year and a half convinced of a serious disease, did a lot of doctor hopping trying to get answers, but settled on this physician. Trying to deal with the anxiety through therapy, but unfortunately I think my doctor might not take my concerns as seriously because of the illness anxiety. I've looked around for other possible doctors but it's slim pickings where I am located! But I am looking at going to a clinic in another city for a "comprehensive health assessment" where they do full physical exam, any necessary tests based on risks, etc, maybe I'll get some answers.
My one testicle still feels somewhat swollen and firm compared to other but hard to say.
I'll try to get a referral to endocrinologist next time I see my doctor.
I'm glad you're in therapy - your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Testosterone levels can play a role in anxiety, too.

That said, I think you should get your questions answered. Your t-levels are still within normal limits, but they are on the low side, and since they are only supposed to drop 1% a year, I'd wonder why yours dropped 50% in 2 years.

It may mean nothing, and I'm sure it's nothing serious, but an endo will be able to help.  
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