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What are these 6-7 tiny black needle-point dots under my foreskin?

I’ve looked all over for an answer to this, and only found a couple of similar questions; never an answer.

I have a small cluster of pin-sized black dots just under the skin under my foreskin. I also have a single black pin dot close by, also on the foreskin. I have to stretch out the foreskin to see them, and they are slightly raised, but barely. It seems like something very small is under the skin, like a splinter.

They don’t hurt as bad as splinters, but they are sensitive and hurt all the same.

I am married 10 years and no unusual activity. These first appeared about 3 months ago and seem to be increasing in number very slowly.

I’m worried it’s something serious.
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Here's an older MedHelp post in which a doctor gives suggestions of what this can be. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Dermatology/Dark-black-dots-spots-on-penis-foreskin/show/1745755

She says it is likely Penile melanotic macule which is pigment. They actually also could be moles inside your foreskin!

And guess what . . . you can get black heads under that skin too.

Can you get to a dermatologist to investigate?
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