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Why testosterone doesnt work to me

I`m taking testosterone injections during 3 months, but it doesn't work to me. Analysis shows high level of testosterone in my blood (5+ times more than reference) but I feel literally nothing. Same energy, same hair level, same voice, same stamina and strength level. I`m 22 yo, but I don't changing and still looks like 13-14 yo kid, maybe it has connection somehow. Why do my body ignore male hormones? Thank you
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Hi GuitarRox,
I totally agree with you. It is important to take advice from healthcare consultant .
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Genetics are this insane thing we really can't fight.  Was it determined that you needed testosterone because of a blood test showing low levels? Things like body type are more determined by genetics than anything else.  Did you go through puberty?  Do you have pubic hair and facial hair at all?
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Yeah, everything is ok, but ok for kid 13-14 years old, hair everywhere, but very small amount and real thin. I have a brother who is normal looking guy, so im not sure its genetic. Maybe I can do any tests to check my genetic disorders? I think Im growing up, but real slow, 1 year as a 5 for normal people. And T level was Ok even before injections im just so desperate I`ll do whatever it takes to be normal. BTW im working with psychologist too
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