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crazy symptoms..candida? cancer?

Hi, a bit long but need to give as much info as I can ...wondering if this candida is something I should look into (I had never heard of it before this morning). Basically, my wife asked me to get blood work done because I have become tough to live with over the last few months (irritable, depressed, exhausted and lacking sexual drive ).
Baseline: I'm 45 ,male and 195 lbs. I have run ,biked and lifted weights my entire life . I've considered myself extremely fit. In the last 3 months I have stopped all training and have begun waking up every hour on the hour or waking up at 3am wired. I assume my exhaustion and irritability comes from 4 hrs sleep per night over the last few months. anyway, my blood work came back off the charts. My Epstein bar panel (had mono in highschool) had my nuclear antigens come back at 700 on three separate tests in 2 wks instead of the normal range 1-20. My kidneys and liver and creatnin (sp?) came back as red flags and my testosterone levels dropped from 1150/and 990 on the previous two tests to 313,365 and 460 on these three tests this month.  I am always exhausted and cranky and I have developed some kindv skin rash on my groin ,back of ears and side of nose. this rash has come and gone over the last two yrs and I've never had any skin issues ever...I'v also noticed a whitish buildup on my tongue... both docs were concerned about lupus because blood work showed something they were concerned about (not sure exactly) ,but further tests ruled it out.  I also have zero ejaculate upon orgasm and my urologist thinks it may be prostate but not sure why my panel numbers were so high unless possible cancer. going in for endoscopy and colonoscopy on 6th.
History: I chew 2 tins of tobacco daily (last 26 yrs) and was borderline barretts with extreme acid reflux last couple of years. My father had stage 4 esophageal and stomach cancer and both grandfathers died of colon cancer.
The symptoms I learned today while reading about candida I didn't even know were symptoms....I crave my sons snacks like a drug..I'm binging on 10 or 15 snacks daily and not eating normal healthy meals lately. I've been putting balsamic on bread and eating about a quarter loaf of bread per sitting each night in bed along with pickles out of the jar..my wife's asking if i'm pregnant. I've used antibiotics countless times for countless things against medical advice for years. I also have this white scentless discharge in the morning and it's certainly not vd (One of the many reasons I used antibiotics during college regularly). I keep getting athletes foot even though I'm not training...I'm constantly bloated ( to the point that my wife laughs and says I look 8 months pregnant when I'm laying in bed)...
I know I can go online and look up anything and find symptoms that fit every disease...but there is something going on and I really need to get a grip on this. I'm seeing a strong pattern for candida , but not sure if this would effect (affect? :)..) my viral overload count (epstain panel ) or my testosterone dropping 800 points.
Anyone make sense of any of this?
basically, I'm exhausted all the time, I have some sort of eczema on groin and behing ears, im bloated and craving snacks and vinegar, i'm discharging something milky white, my viral count is off the charts and everyone keeps saying lupus but it's not.
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oh..and my PSA came back normal
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      Yes, from your details, it appears like a Candida overgrowth. Over use of antibiotics is sited as one of the reasons for candida overgrowth. Your recent health issues may be due to an immunological response to EBV. Have you taken any immunosuppressant medication  to control the virus activity?, which might have triggered candida overgrowth?
Also, your regular usage of tobacco is something you have to stop, especially considering your family history. Assuming, luckily nothing serious has happened to your health,  the best thing for you to do is to go back to nature and restart a new life.
Most of your symptoms are related to your easy way of life and since our body can rejuvenate itself, given the right environment, I am sure you can get back to good health if you have the will to change, and I feel you should do so, keeping your family's interest in mind.
I therefore recommend you to find out a good Naturopath or a qualified herbal medicine doctor in your area and parallely go in for his advice and willingly change your life style for good. In the mean time you should also get treated by your present doctors for any disease diagnosed during the ongoing check ups. Until your health improves, the health check ups should be routinely done to assess the improvement.  
Good luck,
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