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late beard growth

hi guys...i am 22 yr old 5,11 and weighing around 72 kgs. i well built man without any training or gym...but the problem is that my facial hairs, chest hairs are very rare. is this a problem related to testosterone levels. i have got lot of hairs on my legs, genitals but when it comes to upper part of my body there are lot of hairs but they are too soft and fuzzy. Is this a problem related to my testerone levels do i need medical help?
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Hi Batman, So where's Robin? OK can your get good erections when you need to? do you get nocturnal erections? do you get morning woods?
If its yes, yes and yes, then your OK, getting chest hair or facial hairs, don't worry, your just a late bloomer, or they may never grow, but don't fret, think of the money you will save by not shaving, and all the extra time you will have.
Good Luck
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It sounds like it's normal for you.  You're lucky really.  Being smoother is very youthful appearing and very much in style right now.  My boyfriend is the same way, and only now at 45 years old did he try growing a beard and find it was thick enough to be called a beard.  He has little body hair except for leg hair, and he has always turned heads everywhere he goes, so don't fret not having body hair.  
When you're young you focus on one particular look you admire and think that's the only right way to be, but it's wrong thinking.  When you get older you will grow into your own personal look and appreciate it more.  Optimize what you have and take advantage of your body type and features.  If you make it look good and hip by dressing right (don't wear clothes that are too big, for instance), people will start imitating YOU.  
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