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need a guys perspective here...

I think I need another man's point of view on this subject - why is my husband so obsessed with anal sex?  Is it because I find it repulsive and won't give it to him?  i've explained my feelings about the subject but he never lets it go and is always suggesting/joking around about "sticking it in me when I'm not looking" or "slipping" during sex.  I know he's just trying to be funny, but why is he so obsessed with it?  Another male's view on this would be great insight.
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Personally as a guy, I have never done it, however I've heard from others that it brings about more pleasure to the guy physically, and mentally I guess.  Although, many women find the idea rather disgusting.
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I couldn't help but to respond mom.  Doesn't the fact that it hurts make you wonder why some men are gay lol? Sorry just the idea of picturing your statement about pain and gay men together got me crying from laughter.
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My girlfriend also does not allow me to try the rear.
Being someone who always wants what I cant have, i plan to never stop asking and poking until she gives in to try. It doesnt help that all my friends have tried it, including the females, and the fact that most pornos these days have to have anal shown in them.

She said she would let me try it if i let her stick a carrot up my ass. I said Ok (nervously). She still said no. Then i had mixed emotions. I was pissed off she still wouldnt try it, but also happy that i didnt loose my anal virginity to a vegetable
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i knew a few girls in my life (just a few) that loved it in the
rear. they said (more or less) that it rubbed against something
or other that made it all the rage for them. one girl liked to
feel the "dominant" male aspect of having this kind of sexxx.
oh well, everybody has their "buttons" to be pressed. most girls
and even some buddies i know don't ever do it, and could care less. the real deal in your case is the strong desire he has
for this. is there something more than the physical aspect that
turns him on  ?  is he going to bug you forever and not take
your lack of interest to heart and deal with the dissapointment ?       good luck with this guy, buy him one of those rubber rearend dolls that i've seen online. let him go nuts.                    l.e.
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carrots and rubber dolls. this is crackin me up. i tried it once and i will never again. of course you have to "work" up to it. you do have to stretch it before you enter it. we didnt do that. i know women who find it enjoyable but not me. i think you need to respect her wishes and let it be. if it were me and you kept joking or prodding id stick a dildo in your booty while you slept to show you how much its going to suck!! lol.
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I think men love it because it's alot tighter and not as moist as vaginal sex.  My boyfriend likes it too.  He gets excited when I allow him to enter.  Once in a blue moon.  I usually need some kind of lube and it needs to take place very slowly. To each his own.  If you really don't enjoy it, you shouldn't feel like you have to do it.
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don't drop the soap!!!!!!!!!!!
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Maybe monkeys r not so gross, they may throw there own poop, but goodness look at humans putting body parts inside of where poop comes out :( Poop comes out & it stinks & it's gross I think it's a given all should stay away from that area all together besides cleaning it :) LOL Hon if he sneaks this on u, you have to think of something very clever to get him back with :)LOL
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Lots and lots and LOTS of men and women love anal. It can be intensely pleasurable to both give and receive... and contrary to popular belief, should never hurt. The trick is to go slow, use lots of lube, start small (finger or tongue first, then maybe small toy), the receptive partner should be in total control, and should push out. Oh, and did I mention go slow and use lots of lube? Lol. If you want more info, read "Anal Pleasure and Health" by Jack Morin, and "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women" by Tristan Taormino. Great books. You'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about your anus and anal sex, and then some.
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LOL a tongue YUCK :)But I imagine they make tons of $$$$ off selling the info :) Oh the more we learn!!
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well that's pretty funny and gross at the same time. I wouldn't let my husband get near that ex. with his tongue. How would in their right mind would put their tongue in some one's butt. It reminds me when i was reading about a man that likes his wife to poop on his chest before sex. ( how Gross) I guess some people just like wired things.
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