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rock like bump under skin on shaft

on the lower bottom side of the shaft of my penis there is a bump under the skin that has been there for some years.  It has never been a problem other then the fact i dont like it there.  It feels like a rock under my skin.  It also moves with my skin as if it is only attached to the skin from the inside. No color change really on the bump except it seems a little darker.  No pain and nothing comes out.  It cant be squeezed or nothing. I dont want to squeeze to hard causing more problems.  Looks a little larger wit erection. Does anyone have any idea what this could be
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its about pimple size maybe a little larger
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I haven't a clue really but i have the same thing you're talking about. I should really go to the doctor and ask, but its never really been an issue.

If you find out before i do let me know man. I seem to remember nicking myself around there and then this showing up.
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It sounds like it might be a small thrombosis, which is a swelling/clot in the vein, since it gets bigger when you get an erection.  Or it could be an infected pore or something.  However - and I don't think that this is what you have! - painless, very hard nodules can sometimes be cancer.  Best to get this looked at ASAP.  I bet it's nothing, but you don't want to take any chances.

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Well, my bump got irritated yesterday  and turned almost like a pimple does when its about to explode. Mind you it looked like normal skin just raised prior to all of this. So i got pissed and i popped it and a puss similar to that of a popped pimple came out.i cleaned it up but it was still really irritated. I sterilized a pin and was picking the scab off when i was able to actually pull out the hard substance below. It hurt a bit but it was like a tiny hard dried ball of white oil (same kind as a pimple).i pushed all of it out and cleaned it up and the bump is completely gone. I had this for well over 2 years before it reached this stage. Crazy
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I have the same thing to but mine is raised but still under skin and is a little black. Also mine is on the upper shaft/foreskin. If anyone knows what this is tell me!
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I have had mine about 7 years also!!!!!!!!
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