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skin problem

i have white spots on my body from the back and lately started showing  up on my upper section of my arm and my neck too. all that started 15 years a go i went to so many doctors but nothing worked for me they told me it is kind of germs. but lately they told me it is becaose of the Gland chromosome it is not give much color . and now all my chest have the same issue.
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These 'spots'...are they splotchy and all different sizes? Does the color of them look just like an absence of pigmentation like 'bleached'?  Do they ever itch? Do they seem to form more quickly when your body is hot and sweaty? You say they called it 'germs' but did they mention a fungal infection?
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all what you mentioned is right and they became so clear when it is hot and when my skin start to be dark from the sun they  became like light whit color or gray color  but there is no itch or pain. looks like i am missing the color in some areas on my body
our docotors looks like they trying but they did not find out yet.
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The condition you have is called tinea versicolor. It is a fungus that is actually found on every single human being on earth, some just show visible signs of it. Men and women of mediterranean decent are most likely to suffer from its effects (my brother has had it for over 10 years). If you have access to a dermatologist, they have remedies that help almost immediately (rx selsun is most common). If not, you can simply buy some selsun blue and, for 2 days, do this: cover all affected areas with the selsun blue, cover with a t-shirt and sleep with it on your body. After that, wash with it during your daily shower. It is not as effective as the rx selsun but is pretty close.
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Spots look unsightly, they are the cause of acne. When a pore is fully blocked, the oil gland can get infected resulting into a pimple. Therefore, the control of blackheads is one way of preventing acne.
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i 'll try to find that thatnkx anyway.
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