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withdrawals from stopping testosterone shots

my husband has been getting testosterone shots and his doctor has stopped giving him the shots. He has been having bad sweats at different times during the day or night. Could this be due to the fact that he no longer is getting the shots?
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It's possible - when hormones suddenly encounter a state of flux, quite a wide range of symptoms can occur.  I'm not sure how long ago he stopped receiving the shots, or the reasoning behind him no longer receiving treatment - but, if it were ME - I'd be keeping the doctor informed of the symptoms and - assuming health is otherwise good - I'd be researching activities and dietary habits that promote testosterone production - even though, events considered, it probably wouldn't do much.
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Hi Clayton, His nights sweats, is he getting any kind of ED symptons, like low sex drive, his beasrd not growing the same as it was, hair growing funny, then that would be his testosterone low, do I take it that 1968 is your or his birth date if os it puts you ot him in your fortys, things you could try are DHEA, a hormon, but please read up about before you get him to take it as it can have the odd funny side effect with the odd person, I take for ED recovery and I'm ok, start low and build it over a few weeks, I started on 25mg and now on 75mg, dail;y.
The he could also have Tribulus its a herb, it runs along the same lines as DHEA, it will boost his testosterone, lift his libido and kick up his energy levels, but these are up to him and you to discuss, just some advice and you can google both for more info.
Good Luck
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