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Are these dreams good signs or bad signs ?

A paranoid schizophrenic patient who are taking escitalopram daily was sleeping 12 hours daily, then when he started using computer and sleep less about 7 hours daily, he started to have vivid dreams that are about matters that always bother him like constipation, his hateful brothers, his future losing of his money or apartment. could shifting in sleep duration and using of computer lead to these dreams, and as for these dreams are they good signs or bad ? And does he need some additional medicine to stop these disturbing dreams about his worries and unsolved major problem ?
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The Lexipro (or what your taking) may need to be adjusted. Also bright computer
screens do cause some people to stay awake more often. Tell your pdoc exactly what you typed here. Best wishes!
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I am taking escitalopram 10 mg daily in the morning
Yes Lexapro but in the name Estikan in my country 10 mg daily in the morning
No one here can determine the correct medication for you, so see your doctor.

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