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How do I get help?

I have been told multiple times that I need to go see a therapist. I just got told by a social worker three days ago that I need to go see a therapist. I have insurance, but I can't make the copay. I am pretty sure I am going to die, but I guess I can try to talk to a therapist before I go.
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There may be free or low cost therapists in your area.

Church pastors are usually good to talk to. They may know more about what local services are available.

School counselors, if you go to school. Universities, local City College, usually have counselors.

Local mental wellness center. DBSA. www.dbsalliance.org, have support groups. There might be one in your area.

Social Worker should know of resources available.

That's what I can think of.
Thank you.
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Call your county mental health services. They can provide you with a list of referrals to sliding scale/no cost mental health services
Do you have family or friends who can help?  When talk of dying comes out, that sounds like depression, and if it is, you'll need a therapist who knows how to diagnose and handle that.  Best of luck.
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