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If you have a yeast infection can your body attract fungus knats?

I have a yeast infection and I don't know if that's why or not but knats attack me constantly and won't go away they aren't around anyone or anything else and I'm just as clean as everyone else so I don't understand it at all!!!
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Gnats attack lots of people.  Don't know anything about attraction to yeast, but if that was it they'd be only down there.  Are they?
No they won't leave my head alone yet they aren't around anyone else
Gnats swarm everyone at some point in time, especially if you exercise or work outdoors.  Can't answer why they're just on you, or whether they're just on you.  Are you an anxiety sufferer?
Yeah bad
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Oh my gosh, gnats are so very annoying.  I always feel like they are attracted to me too!  You know what I learned gnats like?  Moisture as in sweat.  They are more attracted to sweaty people!  Also, yeast loves a moist environment.  (wear cotton underwear, change often).

Here is this post so you know you aren't alone. And it has people's home made solutions for it. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/Gnats-or-Fruit-flies-following-me/show/202117.

Do you have anxiety? Do you think this is somewhat related?  
Yes I do have anxiety bad and I've been going through suicidal thoughts on and off more so on then off but you get what I mean
In that case, far more important than the gnats is the anxiety problem and the depression problem.  Are you in therapy or doing anything about it?  
No I'm to embarrassed  to go out in public so instead I suffer
Are you having fun suffering?  Thought not.  Embarrassment why?  Please, you're young, you know you weren't always like this and so you know this won't last.  Getting help will speed that along.  Peace.
Many times with anxiety, we become hypersensitive. Treat the anxiety and the other problems often become non issues.
By the way, SpecialMom was right about the sweat.  I live in a very humid area and when I was still able to run when it was gnat season they would be all over me the whole time I was out there.  Also happened when I went out on long walks on a hot day.  When I got home they would be stuck all over me.  Annoying.
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