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Frontal lobe disintegration.

Hello. I suffer from upper and lower frontal lobe disintegration. I was looking for the correct approach for receiving advice for treatment. I had a CT Scan years ago and the neurologist did not state that there was any schedule damage. I Believe that I had to experience total loss from schedule 1 and schedule 2 harm. It was never my intention to be a total idiot, tortured by total idiots for more then fifteen years. I am seeking medical military command for the appliance and application from strong federal science. Seeing as my service requires excellence.

Thank You for the response.

Jonathan C Thompson.
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To continue my claim.
My education when I was younger was the reason that I was punished as a person. And socially and ethnically organized against as an adult. For my national interest through family interest, I do not believe that I should have been denied proper legal opinion of medicine for ill humor. If it was an interest of the Government to demonize my family, then i am seeking repair and acknowledgement for 30 years of harm. Not unreasonable for a Scientific family to show interest for health care. No example needed to be made, since your investment provided for thousands of jobs and i am left thinking that i was a clear enemy of the United States for 30 years.  Is there medicine to improve relations, only someone with a foolish expectation of Government would provide for such cruelty of opinion.

Thank You for your consideration

Jonathan C Thompson
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To add with my claim.
I am treated like an enemy of The United States for 30 years. Therefore, I do not represent the United States. Enough illegal medical attention for every resident of Germany for my 5 years of legal family law, personal civil law, and inherited virtue from family history with military honor.

Thank You

Jonathan C Thompson
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hi John im a disabled veteran I have frontal lobe TBI and TBI from behind my head too I lack sense of smell and sense of taste but its never gonna slow me down I also suffer from blackouts and short term memory is totally hindered I know where I live but I cant tell you what happened yesterday see a neurologist get a MRI eval. k I hope this helps :)
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