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Hi ladies

Hey ladies I wanted to check in and see if all of you beautiful ladies are doing well =) As for me... doing good and I get my next u/s on Friday (3/19) and I will be 11 weeks and see the little beanie again. How are all of you doing with your men being away or being in the military? My hubby is in a sensitive job and I totally got yelled at for "not knowing anything, but don't say anything" it was so weird. I told him that he was being unreasonable because I don't know anyone here and definitely don't talk to anyone and I don't know anything but if I did I wouldn't say anything! I am so frustrated and it is so annoying! Thank you for letting me vent!
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I'm still TTC, as you know..I'm about to get irritated big time. Last month I remember seeing a spot of blood and ended up on time with AF and definitely not pregnant, now for two days I've seen a spot of blood in my CM. Yesterday it was really EWCM creamy and clear with a little bit of blood, and today it's really creamy but there was definitely a streak of blood...6 DPO today. I don't ever get blood between cycles, and I didn't have implantation bleeding with DS. Maybe I'll test on CD 10...if this is implantation bleeding, I should be able to see a faint positive by then right? That's 4 days away, and I have the FRER 6 days sooner tests...It was last month and the month before too unless I charted it wrong and put it on the wrong month. I didn't notate it last month, stupidly but we'll see...

Anyways...we leave Korea NLT (no later than) May 17 and are headed to Ft. Bragg, NC. I'm excited but not at the same time. Ft Bragg deploys like crazy, I have a friend whose husband is there and he was deployed 7 months, came home for 7 months, and got deployed for another 7 months. He's back home again now, but I'm not looking forward to this being in my future, especially since I'm still in the Army Reserves...I'm ready to be OUT! I'm sick of dealing with stupid stuff over two [email protected] days a month!!! It's ridiculous, I mean...I know I'm still in the Army, but IT IS THE RESERVES!!! I'm hoping to find a unit at Bragg for myself that doesn't deploy, or I'm just going to try to get out once I'm pregnant. That may sound really $h!tty, but it's not worth my time anymore, it was when I was single, but now that I'm married with one kid and trying for number two, it's so not worth the $200 a month I make...SO not worth it...
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Good to hear you are doing well. Im not so great these days. hubby was on standby and was deployed a few days ago. I never thought he would actually go but with just short of a months notice, hes gone and cant even be there for the birth of our first child. It was so hard to let go of him. I kept it together but when he finally had to get on the bus it was so hard to let go of his tight grip. As soon as I left I wanted to turn around right away for "one last hug and kiss"
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hey ladies. i havent been on in a really long time but i have started again to keep up on my cycles and stuff since we will be trying for another baby soon. we moved from az to nj about a month ago. my dd is turning one on the 26th and we are going to visit family in ny for her birthday! its been hard in a new place. we live 20 min from base and i have no car. (dh totalled mine last yr). hopefully oing to get a new one with our tax money and start college in the fall.
im really nervous about deployments because dh says that hes going to be deployed about every 18 months for a month at a time. and i hate our apartment! but were not spending all of our BAH so were saving. and DH sews on staff in june! woot
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